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Auto Blue Pyramid
Growing it
I don't know if it's because I harvested early or what, but these nugs are crazy fluffy. Nice and crystally at least. But the trichomes were cloudy and partially amber so I don't think it was too early. Overall I'm pretty disappointed in this grow. Started flowering super early which hurt it's size, and didn't get as much color as I wanted, even with keeping the grow space cooler during flowering. Will let it cure for a few weeks at least so I don't have a smoke report yet, will update once I do. Let's hope she tastes better than she looks! And sorry for the few crappy pictures, just really bummed about this grow so I didn't take a lot, or any of the entire harvest dried yet.
Edit: added one crap picture of the whole harvest. So disappointed. I hope at least the smoke is good! Will update in a few weeks with a smoke report.

Edit 2: just realized I never updated with a smoke report. Well let me tell you, don't judge a book by its cover! This bud did the trick! It makes for a great body high and tastes nice. My wife rarely smokes as she gets paranoid easily, but this strain doesn't give her any issues at all, so highly recommended from her as well!
2 years ago