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Cigarator Newbie
Royal AK
Growing it
not happy with results lol but ı learned so much thing from this experience
5 months ago
eneRgygrow Apprentice
Royal AK
Growing it
Since this is my first grow I cant relate to other strains.
But i know that this girls are pretty awesome and took my tortur with muuch joy..
I made many many many mistakes and the outcome is still really great!
Had some thripse and buuudrod in the end but not too much since i harvested early
They were happy to be trained and made a very good canopy.
The smell and look of this girl is just insane! I wish you guys couuld smell it.
I would normally rate 10/10 but since i didnt grow any others i cant say its the best strain ever :D
1 Plant was 35G dry!
I will post dry weight next week when everything is dried. Also more pictures will come
UPDATE: amazing straing, rated 10 stars now. 334,6gramm dry weight just amazed for my first grow
1 year ago