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somnabull Apprentice
Royal Medic
Growing it
Harvested her on day 68 of flowering because after last flush she almost fall down,I am drying her with whole nodes and sugar leaves because i have low humidity and i dont want to dry her soon,with nodes and wet and with sugar leaves she was 2100kg.
My trip with this grow was full of pleasure,i learned so much from this strain and from the whole diary as i had three different strains,1 auto CBD haze from Dinafem,and 2 photoperiods Royalmedic from RQS and Kalichakra.
I had many mistakes,i learnd how important is to make good lolipop the buds was dence but i realized that if i had good lolipop they would be much big,but for the first time its super,I had cal mag deficient broke main node and many many things that would be very usefull for me with the next grow.People from here GD helped me very much thank to this website and peole here,especialy Whitewidow is my helper))).
The strain Royalmedic is perfect as its my first strain i have nothing to compare with but i can say that she is perfect,i am trying to cure her in jars.She is very aromatic and very very oily.
1 year ago