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Excellent hybrid, a blend of two varieties distinguished by their fragrances, sweet and very penetrating nuances. The original belladonna, is a cross of Superskunk and an F1 hybrid male, very powerful. At the same time, the cross between a male Northern Light Afghani / Skunk No. 1 / Haze, makes it a small plant that produces huge flowers with thick amber buds, filled with clusters of resin. The result in both: interior and exterior grow is excellent. This variety emanates a unique and embracing aroma at the end of flowering period. It has a berry flavour with a slight acid touch and produces a very physical brain effect that could even be dangerous.




Gender Feminised
Genes 30% sativa 70% indica
Genetics Northern Light x Belladona
Harvest 400-900 gr/m2
Flowering 8 - 9 weeks
THC very high
CBD high

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