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The result of crossing one of the strongest and most resinous sativas, the Jack Herer (a strain bestowed with the status of prescribed medicinal cannabis by dutch pharmacists) with the original Blueberry from the late 70s, she’s a very vigorous, compact, hardy plant laden with dense buds tinged with red and blue. So productive that under optimal conditions even her branches and larger leaves become covered in fruity smelling trichomes that taste of blueberries. Her best quality being her double-edged strength, the effect is a high quality, long-lasting and enjoyable euphoria. A perfect blend of a sublime sativa rush and massive, resinous indica yields! Outdoor Harvest Time: mid-October




Gender Feminised
Genes 65% sativa 35% indica
Genetics Jack Herer x Blueberry
Harvest 500-900 gr/m2
Flowering 9-10 weeks
THC very high
CBD high

Family Tree

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