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Ruderalis Indica is based on the genetics of a Cannabis Ruderalis from Eastern Europe and ย psychoactive Indicas from the south. The result plant is potent hybrid that is suitable almostย for any environment. Ruderalis Indica is a semi- auto-flowering variety.ย 

The plant develops a christmas tree structure, dense heavy buds. It brings good results both to beginners and master-growers. The plant is a good choice for cold areas.ย 

The smoke provides a long-lasting indica high. It brings a physical relaxation. The plant contains a lower THC content and a higher CBD than most other hybrids. Therefore it is a great medical remedy.


Gender Regular
Genes 90% indica
Harvest 250+ gr/m2
Flowering 11 weeks

Tastes & Effects



Micron Auto Tao Tao Matic Ruderalis Indica
Tao Matic Oldschool Bohemia Ruderalis Early Sativa Ruderalis Indica
Caramelo Fast Version Ruderalis Indica Caramelo
Sugar Black Rose Fast Version Ruderalis Indica Sugar Black Rose
Delicious Candy Fast Version Ruderalis Indica Delicious Candy
Marmalate Fast Version Ruderalis Indica Marmalate

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