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The Skunk Autoflowering is an autoflowering release of Skunk that was crossed with a pure Ruderalis from Kazakstan. This new strain has an amazing production and an energetic growth.

The plant develops branchy structure with medium to large internodes and grows up to 90-120 cm in height. The leaves have a dark green colour. The flowering time takes 9 weeks from germination. This robust plant has a resistance to hot temperatures (up to 30 degrees Celsius)

The smell and taste have deep dominant earthy notes and a caramelized background. The long-lassting effect comes quickly and brings cerebral high followed by a stone-body high. This complex effect is like the original Skunk.


Gender Feminised
Genes 10% ruderalis/ 60% indica/ 30% sativa
Genetics Skunk x Ruderalis (feminised)
Harvest 80-100 grams/plant
Flowering 9 weeks

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