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The Strain Hunters Seed was opened in 2013 and includes a collection of  feminised Hybrids, Autoflower, Landraces and regular cannabis seeds from around the world. 

The Strain Hunters travel the world hunting cannabis landraces

The Seed Bank consists of of exotic cannabis genetics collected by Arjan, Franco and Simon during their Strain Hunters Expeditions around the world. 

The goal of Strain Hunters is keep and protect landraces for future progeny. 

Contemporaneously, the seed bank sells the best of the best cannabis seeds found in the world.

The Strain Hunters breed award-winning strains starting from original inbred landrace material. 


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Quexos Master
Growing it
Easy, easy plant to grow. She had strong secondary branching, recovered quickly from defoliating, and ate as much as I could feed her. The next time I grow this strain, I will definitely top and encourage the secondary nodes to the top of the canopy. She could've easily taken a more aggressive feeding schedule. There was considerable stretch when she was flipped, and flowering took a long time, similar to a Sativa.
My harvest technique started with a final flush. I allowed the plant to dry out for several days then I put her in my drying box for 3 days. The average temp in the drying box was 64-69 degrees. The humidity was a much wider range; 34-51. Once she was cut down, I wet trimmed then hung her by the stalks to dry for 7 days.

Smoke is really nice and heady so far. I took some popcorn nuggets and dried them last week. The aroma and taste is pretty pungent. It has a bit of a pine sol, diesel-like flavor. It's a bit different than the aromas I'm used to when harvesting. This strain was perfect to pair with some dark chocolate coconut cookies. Binge watching Netflix is bad though. This herb makes you want to get up and do stuff. Sitting in front of the TV seems like a waste.
1 day ago
Jan_GH Newbie
Flowerbomb Kush
Growing it
Very nice buds, rock hard, grown with Green House Bio Feeding only. Full of resin. Good night time smoke
2 weeks ago

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