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Da Purps is the mostly indica plant with a tasty resin and an excellent quality. The strain is based on the genetics of Afghanistan and Purps.

The brutal plant develops a strong central cola with dark green leaves and short internodes. The hard buds produces a lot of resin. The height is 140-160 cm. The plant demonstrates a purple color when the rapid temperature changes. The flowering takes about 10 weeks and the harvest is 300-350 gr/m2. Da Purps produces a very strong smell therefore it's recommended to use anti-smell filters.

Da Purps has a sweet fruity taste with notes of oriental spices and musk. The effect is more physical than mental. The smoke brings a feeling of satisfaction and relaxation.


Gender Regular
Genes Mostly Indica
Genetics Afghanistan Indica x Mendo Purps
Harvest 300 - 350 gr/m2
Flowering 9 - 10 weeks

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Da Purps Da Purps

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