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Wreckage is a combination of two super hybrids - Arcata trainwreck and S.A.G.E. The Arcata Trainwreck guarantees a potent sativa high and the S.A.G.E. provides a strong structure and a stress resistance.

The chuncky plant has the thick central cola covered in dark green leaves and the structure of a christmas tree. The compact buds produce a mass of resin. The flowering time takes about 60 days and the plant brings the crops of 350 + gr/m2.

The Wreckage has a pleasant refreshing taste of mint and eucalyptus. The powerful effect influences to the central nervous system. The smoke brings a wave of euphoria and a desire to move. In addition, the strain relieves stress and can be used against tension and neuroses.


Gender Feminised
Genes mostly sativa
Genetics Arcata trainwreck x S.A.G.E.
Harvest 350 gr/m2 +
Flowering 8-10 weeks

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