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Bubblegum Kush is a Indica dominant strain with a pair of popular potent parent strains, Bubblegum and Kush! The highly desired flavors and essences of both of these strains come together in this unbelievably rich hybrid. The Bulldogโ€™s Bubblegum Kush regularly produces hefty yields in a relatively short lifetime. Analysis of the THC content of this strain indicates that it is much greater than 15%, or in other words, quite strong. It doesnโ€™t take much of the Bubblegum Kush to be completely satisfied! Effect: Relaxing High Flavor: Sour/Bitter


Gender Feminised
Genes Mostly Indica 80/20
Genetics Bubblegum x Kush
Harvest 600-700gr/m2
Flowering 8 Weeks
THC high
CBD medium

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