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Fastbuds Wedding Cheesecake

3 days ago
Room Type
Grow medium
Paper Towel
Germination Method
weeks 3,4,...
weeks 5,6,...
FastBuds - Strawberry Pie Auto
Strawberry Pie Auto

Growing it




My best strain I’ve grown so far, whilst my growing experience is limited to 2 previous harvests, I’m certain even the most experienced will agree that she was a delight to grow.

She doesn’t grow to tall but what she doesn’t have in height is quite the opposite in bud production. She is also a speedy grower, she grows just as fast and big of the rest of them but in flower she slows down in her stretch. I grew her with 2 other fastbuds strains and certain she will have produced the most bud. I weighed her biggest cola day after chop which came in at 41g which really impressed me. Another 3 big similar sized colas and few smaller branches should see my dried yield reach 70g and above in 90 days on the dot with 9 weeks flower.

She can handle her nutrients quite well, I went above fastbuds recommendation and attempt full strength dosages (from week 4 of veg) of organic nutrients and she handle it like a champion, inciting me to push her even harder. At which I chickened out and was worried to over do it. I am keen to see how far she can be pushed in future as I’ll definitely be growing this strain again.

Her resistance to mold and pests was also impressive as there were signs early in flower of PM in the tent but after a good defoliation it never popped up again. Also had my Lemon Pie autos infested with red mites and for some reason they never bothered with the Strawberry Pie. I went ahead and treated with a light dose of pyrol and neem oil as a precaution.

Moving on to her bud structure, she get really resinous and dense flower that fattens and fattens. In her last week, her trichomes said she was ready but yet she kept on growing, if it wasn’t for me and my smoke preferences, she’d still be fattening after 9 weeks of flower. Just touching the buds leaves you with the stickiest fingers that you have to give it a good scrub with soap to get off your fingers which speaks for her resin production. She’s has glittery trichomes that covers the most beautiful complements of colours, during early flower her buds were all green as she developed they started fading pinkish red like a nice rose. After her 48 hour dark period before chop some of those red tones turned purple which left me staring at a combination of green, pink, red, purple bud with orange pistils and glittering trichomes to top it off. The grow diaries resizes my pictures so please take a look at my Instagram account to experience her full beauty.

She holds a sweet aroma with a subtle hint of skunk that even my carbon filter had difficulty hiding. No need for after shave when all you need is 5min in your tent to get smelling good. This is no joke, my friend would come around and have this ongoing joke with me that I have my canna-cologne on upon getting that wif when greeting.

With the right training early on (LST) she can give you great yields as all her colas grow to be fat densed buds. I haven’t weighed her out yet but will update this diary once dried.

I’m extremely eager to taste her but I said to myself to be patient and give her at least 2-3 week cure to fully appreciate what I can imagine be an amazing smoke. Will update this diary at that point.

I’ve given in and decided to give her a taste after 11 days from harvest. She’s far from ready but immediately gave me a nice indica knock. I enjoy my indica as I tend to smoke mostly at night and she’s the perfectly ideal for me. It doesn’t knock you out completely but it’s a lovely relaxing high which is pleasant before bedtime. I don’t feel couch locked either, the 15% sativa does come through as you are not completely drained of energy that an indica would give you.

Really love this strain and will definitely be growing her again

The Outcome
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What's on the scales?
Bud dry weight
2 plants
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Grow Room
Grow Room size
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15% Sativa
85% Indica

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Commented by Pemidaisy Pemidaisy

Loved completely my first harvest on growdiaries. The community is very supportive and love that I can compare my grows to others to see if I’m doing the right processes.

I managed to come 3rd place in the Fastbuds meme competition which was amazing.

Grow Questions
Pemidaisy week 5 started grow question 2 months ago
Ideal autoflower temperatures
I was reading that autoflowers enjoy more higher temperatures (28-30* Celsius ) throughout their grow and hoping whether anyone can confirm this

Setup. Strain - Autoflowering
Show all Answers (1)
Suburbia answered grow question 2 months ago
Depends on the strain really. Ideally the temperature should never drop below 12*C no matter what plant you have, and some don't like higher temperatures of 30 or more. I'd say that anywhere between 20-28*C is fine for indoor grows.
Tweezer week 13

Very nice harvest brother! I just harvested the same strain today, happy smoking brother and enjoy!


@Tweezer, thanks and same to you. That wedding cheesecake of yours grew to be quite a massive plant:clap: Enjoy your smoke

Roberts week 13

Nice grows:strawberry::seedling::exploding_head::fire::fire::fire: