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A rapid flowering balanced hybrid cultivar that is highly productive, requiring only about 9 weeks from seed until harvest. Rich in THC, terpenes and a medium height makes this strain ideal for beginner growers and especially those who experience shorter summers. This strain is a potent one testing at 22%, with a very impressive trichome production. A solid hybrid with strong resistance to colder weather and excellent performer both indoors and out. Expect phenomenal flavors that are a combination of vanilla cookie dough, earthy, and creamy, all together with sweet aromatic overtones of a baked fruit tart. Expect this lady to grow quite tall with a height ranging between 90-130cm, making her a medium tall hybrid. Even with her slightly sativa heritage, she only requires around 63 days from seed to harvest meaning Wedding Cheese Cake Auto can be grown commercially multiple times per year with excellent results. Thanks to the hybrid vigor she displays from her parents Wedding Cake and Cheese, plants will grow big with heavy yielding side branches, making her an excellent producer. Not only is this strain quick autoflowering cultivar, but she will also produce abundant yields capable of 450-600gr/m2, making her an excellent choice for those looking for large scale harvests with a quick turnaround time. A fantastic producer of resin meaning it is easy to make top-shelf bubble hash or extracts with the sugar trim when harvesting. We recommend applying training early on, as this strain responds incredibly well to being tied down. We also advise giving your plants a thorough flushing during the final 10-14 days, as this will enhance the flavor and remove any built-up salts. We recommend using 3 gallon pots (11-12 liters) in order to give this strain her full potential of growth. Thanks to the uniform and homogenous appearance, Wedding Cheese Cake Auto is an ideal choice for Sea of Green setups that involve growing many plants closer together.
Wedding Cheesecake AutoWedding Cheesecake AutoWedding Cheesecake AutoWedding Cheesecake AutoWedding Cheesecake AutoWedding Cheesecake AutoWedding Cheesecake AutoWedding Cheesecake AutoWedding Cheesecake Auto
Gender Feminised
Genes 35% Indica / 65% Sativa
Genetics Wedding Cake X Cheese Auto
Harvest 450 - 600 g/m²
Flowering 30 - 40 days
THC 22.0 - 24.0%
CBD 0.1 - 1.0%
Vegetation 30 - 40 days
Room Type Indoor
Room Type Outdoor
Room Type Greenhouse
Release Year2020
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groweral123 Newbie
Wedding Cheesecake Auto
Growing it
Wispy but frosty buds! Strong too! Lovely sweet flavours.
5 days ago
VanCplGrows Master
Wedding Cheesecake Auto
Growing it
This strain really seemed to have two distict phenotypes, one short and bushy and the other tall and lanky.

We wish we could have given the tall plant an extra week or two to finish up.

We had some nice purples coming out in one of our three plants and also found that each of the 3 plants had different tolerances to light intensity and somewhat different feeding habits.

The smell was slow to arrive but when it did... Wow! Very fruity and sweet!

Preliminary smoke reports are very positive. We sampled a bit of Plant #2 and despite not being fully dried or cured and still having a harsh pine/hay taste, we can tell that it's going to be a decent smoke with a subtle sweetness that should improve with curing.

If we were to grow this strain again, we would likely give more intensive training to the plants that exhibit the tall traits and less on the plants with the short and stocky traits.

We had a great time documenting the grow for everyone here.

As always, we appreciate all the tips, suggestions and comments. It's been a huge help! :+1:

We also want to give a shout-out to Fastbuds for the free seeds from one of their sponsored contests.

We'll have final dry weights posted in the next few days.

Happy Growing! :v::seedling:
7 days ago
Topshelf420 Apprentice
Wedding Cheesecake Auto
Growing it
Thanks growdiaires for forcing me to review now... Whats the point in this? Why can't I review a plant a couple of days later? Like this you're forced to review when you can't give a proper one yet you don't want to wait on posting the dry pics for a month or two..
Thats really really bad.
I can't give the plant a better rating even tho I really would love to.
The smell and growth was so good up to the point when she started getting stressed out more and more everyday. I literally didn't do a single thing different than to the Orange Sherbet, which turned out perfectly fine.
Once she started showing signs of a overfeed- I stopped feeding her for a week. She yellow'ed even worse and I gave her a little feed again - even more signs of an overfeed occured (such as burned leaf tips) ?!?! What a fucked up plant...
The smoke I did so far was only 2 joints and one smoked really smooth and well while the other one was terrible. Not much taste due to not even 2 weeks cure.
I hope that the next time I pop one, I will get a more stable pheno that won't start hermie'ing and being an incredible diva in her last stages of flowering.
3 weeks ago
Wedding Cheesecake Auto
Growing it
3 weeks ago
hashy Apprentice
Wedding Cheesecake Auto
Growing it
Only been curing for a week. But the smoke is nice. Maybe an evening/night smoke.
4 weeks ago

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Any experiences with topping the Wedding Cheesecake Autos?


@ganjapanda, Topped mine on day 14, above the second node. She's doing great!