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Outdoor Fastbuds Cookies

2 months ago
Room Type
Grow medium
Grow medium
Peat Pellet
Germination Method
weeks 3,4
Photos & Videos
Grow Conditions
Week 4
15 hrs
Light Schedule
Day Air Temperature
Day Air Temperature
Night Air Temperature
Night Air Temperature
Pot Size
Pot Size
Grow Technique Usage
Commented by TheGoodFellaz TheGoodFellaz
2 months ago

Unfortunately sshe showed sex earlier than my expectations.
I would have appreciated 5-7 days of more veg.
I am bending her day by day trying to achieve an even canopy.
Stay tuned

Goddamn my lady showed her sex and I embraced her for what she is.
I bent her down more as you can see bcoz she simply reacts very well to being bent.
Northern Lights, same age is also doing well.
Stay tuned

I guess she has some Phosforus deficiency! I am gonna feed this evening

Grow Questions
TheGoodFellaz week 4 started grow question 2 months ago
Sex showing related to LST? Should I have started earlier or later??
Has she showed sex due to LST(stress)?
I have other plants day 8-9 I would like to prolong veg stage and avoid to stunt them!
Or is it just the strain? I saw other diaries managing heavier LST than mine without plant showing Pistils.
Let me know your opinions :)
Best regards
Other. General questions
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TheGoodFellaz answered grow question 2 months ago
Thanks guys!
I really appreciated all of your advices.
I already know how autos work and I was asking myself if training plants and stressing them could accelerate the flowering process.
Such a relief to know that it wasn't my fault :joy:
I would grow photo if I had the chance to grow indoors... unfortunately I still live with my parents and I have to grow in a stealth spot outdoor :(
So I guess that getting 5-6 weeks of veg phase for autos is just a matter of "luck"..
@youngatheart Tuesday I am gonna change ferts to cannabiogen delta and atami bloombastic 14-15.
Thx for the advice andet's see what's gonna happen.
Thank y'all guys
DoDrugs420 answered grow question 2 months ago
Well, i use hst in autos and this issue is likelly due to a lack of readilly available nutrients for the plant to intake, or a too weak light source to properly utilize them, if its the light source just get a bigger light with a good spectrum, if its the nutrients then a recomendation i got is to go nuts with worm hummus + nitrogen based bat guano as to give them a proper high spectrum of nitrogen from different sources, i have noticed autos can handle soil ammendments pretty well contrary to liquid or salt based nutrients where they tend to get burned more easilly.

It could also be from too frequent watering, a common issue among growers where they don't let the soil properly dry out causing stunt growth, weed is a... weed.... so, they have grown accostumed to growing in dry soil and catching rain only whenever they can, so how can you simulate this? Make sure you water till run-off (don't do it on every watering if you don't have added hummus or guano, nor nutrients to supplement in case of a deficiency) and let it dry enough for the lower leaves to start getting droopy, once you see that, its time to water, however consider other issues could lead to lower leaves drooping soo yo want to make sure its actually time and not just some other thing like overwatering wich tends to show in the whole plant and has a whole different look as they look swollen instead of dry wich happens when they dont have more acess to water.

If you want them to become bigger before flowering you can also try a bigger pot altho you still need to have the other stuffed dialed in otherwise she might still flower with a smaller size.

Best thing you can do is watch the lessons provided for free by Dr. Bruce Bugbee on youtube.
Semiemo answered grow question 2 months ago
Thats autos for you, shes most likely in preflower. She is probably not showing due to LST, she is showing due to plant age.

When it decides its time to flower, it starts to flower, you could keep it on 18/6 until harvest but it wont stop it. If you have photoperiods in the tent with this one, they can stay on 18/6 and this plant will be fine.

In all likelihood, if your environment and nutrients are all on point, youre about to see explosive veg growth in the next 14-21 days, and more pistil formation as well.

Autos do best with minimal stress, lst, topping, heavy defoliation are all causing stress. Stress slows veg growth, and your plant will flower based on its own internal clock, whether youre ready or not.

Im liking dwc as a grow medium right now, it seems to have the veg speed that autos can really capitalize on. Im currently growing a photoperiod because I wanted to veg for 6-8 weeks, but by week 5 veg it was too big not to start 12/12, i would outgrow my space if I didnt

Sorry for the rant, hope it was helpful, good luck with the rest of your grow! :muscle::sunrise_over_mountains:
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Craigy2021 week 4

She has some light burn, bleaching, that's what happens when the leaves get wet while lights are on.
Also you can't really control autos, they're called auto for a reason, I'm growing gorilla cookies right now too, week 4 im on


@TheGoodFellaz, good luck too bro, yours are looking very nice and healthy!! :green_heart:


@TheGoodFellaz, yeah it won't matter too much, not as bad as nute burn lol, mine has some light burn spots too that's how I knew haha, and yeah bro I Ola ted mimy gorilla cookies on 3rd I believe, she's just starting to show pistols now, can't wait to see her grow now lol


She is I am under god's sake :joy:
Yep, she has some light burn due to rain but I wasn't at home so...
Btw I don't think that such a healthy bish will take much care about a couple of spots...or at least, I hope so!
Good luck with yours my friend