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Test and Growth Diary Mars Hydro TS1000w

12 months ago
Room Type
Grow medium
Directly In Substrate
Germination Method
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Grow Conditions
Week 4
21 hrs
Light Schedule
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Commented by NachoTheDog46 NachoTheDog46
12 months ago

08 Feb 2022
Little check after I removed plant n.9 (the little 2nd blackberry banana), all 8 plants are beautiful, the colors of the leaves, the grow, the smell, the temperature, the humidity of the soil everything is nice and goes fast and strong :right-facing_fist::skin-tone-3::sunny::left-facing_fist::skin-tone-5:
Light regime :sunny:22/2:new_moon: temp :sunny:22.5/28.5 :new_moon: 17.5/21 humidity 59%
All plants looks now gorgeous as hell hahahahha color and grow looks going good

10 Feb 2022
After 30 days of life, for the "Wedding Cake" it's already flowering time! :grimacing:

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LegacyMarketFarm week 4

Hey bro looking great. One small pointer would be to shore up those temps between lights on and off. We do not want to expose our plants to larger fluctuations than 9 degrees less when the lights go off. If we do the plants will stretch a lot, We avoid this with nice tight temp gaps between lights on and lights off. Also cannabis plants love heat and humidity. It is the buds that hate it, Up until weeks 2-3 of flower we can run up to 80-82 lights on temps. We want to drop those temps to mid 70's by weeks 4-6 of flower if we grow buds all the way through at temps over 80 they will be big but airy and prone to foxtail. We want nice big buds but also dense. Density is where we get our weight from so the best of both worlds is achieved with a bit of temp management at the right times.

If you do not have them get yourself a thermal laser temp gun and a PAR meter to help you better read the plants and get the most potential from your lights onto them. Also look up VPD, Vapor pressure deficit and how it relates to growing cannabis. It is a huge help once you get it figured out, If you ever have any questions feel free to ask. Keep up the great work man if you want check out my 200 light 7,000 plant diary and follow my profile. I also just uploaded a video to my youtube page I linked to my growdiaries profile. Happy growing friend!

DeepGrow420 week 4


They look healthy with a radiant green, good luck with what you have left!

We invite you to see our diaries if you have time! :sweat_drops: :seedling: :sunny: :rosette: :muscle: :smoking: :exploding_head:

LittleJohn week 4

Good luck and happy growing:raised_hands::skin-tone-2::seedling::yum::pray::skin-tone-2:

zoobzoob23 week 4

Good Grow!!!! do not hesitate to check my gardens if you have 5min it will be appreciated :fire: :fire: :muscle: :muscle: :clap: :facepunch:

Cannabeast40 week 4

Good luck and happy growing :raised_hands::facepunch::sunglasses: