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Blueberry Bliss Auto (first grow)

2 years ago
LED / 300W
LED / 300W
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Week 1
Commented by JezzR JezzR
2 years ago

This is my first try at growing and already messed up a bit and this kinda seems like a hectic grow lol.
Backlogging about 4 weeks because i wasnt expecting any surviving plants.
Got a pack of 5 BBB seeds and wanted to pop them in a Propagator Pro 2 box. In every review i read i should have seen sprouts within a week but after a week nothing.
Being impatient, after a week i decided to try look for the seeds in the pods, some pods i had put a seed in where completely empty! Probably the seeds got burned and turned to dust or something.
From the still soaking (prolly the overwatered them) pods i recovered 3 BBB seeds. All seeds popped a bit and had a tail or a beginning tail but i dont think they would have ever gotten themselfs grow through the soaking and stamped soil in the pods.
I planted them in small baby pots (probably planted to deep) but also a week after that still nothing and i kinda forget about them or at least dit not expect them to be alive. Then my girffriend told me i have a baby plant. So i hurried to the pots and saw one lil bugger. It was magnicifent!
Between the photo of the propogator box and the baby plant are 20 days!

Grow Questions
JezzR week 4 started grow question 2 years ago
Should i add bloom nutrient now instead of growth nutrient or wait a but longer?
Techniques. Defoliation
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Mrs_Larimar answered grow question 2 years ago
Hi . Your plant is looking nice and green i wont give her any nutrients. Less is more. To much would kill her. And if she has defiencies she shows it to you in yellowing for example.
Your Girl dont need Blooming fertiliser because she dont have any flower not even preflowers. Be patient and dont overnuke her with water /or fertilisers. Happy growing
JezzR week 9 started grow question 2 years ago
Is she ready? Sorry for the really newb question but hey i am newb when it comes to the wonderous world of canabis growing :P
Branches where going down, tops too heave but imo they kinde thin and not really thick but does it mean its ready when that happens? Or 1-2 weeks more?
Buds. Not fattening
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DudeGrowsWeed answered grow question 2 years ago
She looks a week or two away from harvest to me. If you have a loupe you should be able to check for white/amber trichomes. Without a loupe I look for most hairs to have curled in and darkened. I also like to start seeing some of the older fan leaves start to turn yellow and fall off, like tress in autumn. Good luck :+1:
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