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FIRST TIME GROWER . Happy Growing!!!!

7 months ago
Room Type
Grow medium
Glass Of Water
Germination Method
week 5
weeks 5,6,...
week 8
Germination Method
Glass Of Water
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Strawberry Banana Auto
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Fast Buds - 93%
Strawberry Banana Auto - 87%
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Dr. Seeds - 100%
PowerPlant - 100%
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On the side is where I’ll be adding another duct to bring outside air in
On the side is where I’ll be adding another duct to bring outside air in
Commented by Fonzo412 Fonzo412
9 months ago

For the germination process I ,First put the seeds in distilled water ph 6.5 for 24 hours . Let them float for the first 12 hours in a warm (dark) place . I used my grow tent temperature inside was 75 degrees and 50%humidity through out the entire process .

After first 12 hours I poked the seed to the bottom of the cup and let them set for the finale 12 hours .

After the full 24 hours was up . I placed the seed’s on a plate with paper towel first and second I added water to the paper towel (moist not wet) and placed a seeds on top with another moist paper towel and let go back in the tent for 2 more days

After two days the tap roots appeared for each seed so I potted 2-3 into there finale medium . Didn’t have enough soil for all 3.

Once potted. Plants :seedling: are given 18 hours of light :bulb:

Grow Questions
Fonzo412 week 0 started grow question 9 months ago
First time grower ,I needs all the help I can get All tips and tricks are welcome . Happy Growing EVERYONE!!!!
How can I raise humidity without a humidifier ?also should I give my seedlings nutrients now or wait till veg stage ?
Setup. Strain - Autoflowering
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crimsonecho answered grow question 9 months ago
50-55 rh is just fine. i veg clone and flower in a 40% room and really you dont need to get it higher than 55. if you still want to though buy a humidifier theyre cheap and effective.

and no you dont feed seedlings they have what they need in their cotyledons once true leaves appear then you may think about feeding

Fonzo412 week 2 started grow question 9 months ago
Any ideas on if my blue dream can recover or should I start fresh any ideas :bulb:.
:thinking_face: maybe just try to get better yield s from the two …
Plant. Wilting
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Removed answered grow question 8 months ago
Make holes in bottom of cup and stand it in a solution of something like Rhizotonic and water until it draws up and cut the top 2/3 of large clear plastic drink bottle and put it over pot in not to harsh light, it will live.
Organoman answered grow question 9 months ago
Cannabis plants DO NOT get their water from the air!
It does look very dry though.
Personally I would start a new seedling, the potential of this blue dream is already diminished.
The_Doctor_Green answered grow question 9 months ago
That seedling seems to be very dry, I recommend that you move it away from the fan, not to hit it so directly.
It will surely be released, it will resist but unlike the other, its production will be reduced, as will the size of the buds.
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Metatronix week 0

All the best to your girls on their journey to frostines :seedling::green_heart:

homerjgangia week 0

Good luck with your grow mate!:muscle::muscle:

Removed week 0

Good luck and happy growing! :herb::herb:

Seedsman week 0

Thanks for choosing our strains. Good luck and we hope you enjoy it. If you have any issues, please let us know. :green_heart::grinning:

DreamIT week 0

Enjoy growth mate :four_leaf_clover::the_horns::unicorn_face: