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The Quints

2 months ago
Room Type
Ocean Forest
Grow medium
Grow medium
weeks 6,7
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Grow Conditions
Week 8
18 hrs
Light Schedule
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Kayakbob Kayakbob
2 months ago
Grow Questions
Kayakbob week 1 started grow question 3 months ago
Long stems
Should I be concerned about the long stems?
Plant. Too tall
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Jays_Not_Here_Man answered grow question 3 months ago
Hey Growmie, lower your light a bit,’or turn your dimmer up to a higher -% the stretch without new nodes appearing is due to a lack of PPFD. I would also get some wind resistance added to that tent to get those little girls moving around, this will strengthen the stalk of the seedling and encourage better growth. Good luck! :heart::flag-ca::facepunch:
Kayakbob week 2 started grow question 3 months ago
Nutrients and feeding
When do I start feeding. I used ocean forest which has some nutrients. When do I start adding nutrients.
Feeding. Schedule
GrowingGrannie answered grow question 3 months ago
These are autos so they don't like/don't need nutes for the first couple of weeks.... I would start additional nutes at about week 3 but only about 1/4 strength to begin with to make sure the nutes will be tolerated.. If they ARE tolerated, you can up the dose to 1/2 strength week 4 and then plan to go to your bloom nutes week 5 (unless she's in bloom week4 which she might be)....

Good luck....
Roberts answered grow question 3 months ago
Between week 2 and 4. Depends on how much is in substrate
Kayakbob week 6 started grow question 2 months ago
As these plants are entering flower stage should I defoliate more heavily? I am afraid to remove too many fan leaves as I don’t want to impact growth. I did some very light defoliation and it was well tolerated. Any advise?
Techniques. Defoliation
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Organoman answered grow question 2 months ago
Just remember........
Maximum amount of leaves = maximum amount of energy production = maximum growth!

Defoliation is not an essential step in cannabis cultivation.
There is no need to do it "just because " or "everyone else does it".
I personally do not believe in it and only ever remove yellow/dying leaves.

Besides, if your plant would not need those leaves, it would not grow them in the first place!
Kayakbob week 8 started grow question 2 months ago
My girls appear healthy and happy but the pace of flowering seems slow. Am I just impatient or doing something wrong. Feeding big bloom and tiger bloom every other watering. See pics. Would love some input as t is my maiden grow.
Buds. Not fattening
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GrowingGrannie answered grow question 2 months ago
She's looking a lot like my Bruce Banner did in Week 7 - and I, too, was very worried she wasn't going to flower... I was used to "normal" shows of pre-flower and much earlier but she was different. I think yours are different, too. I worry that if you take the advice of those telling you to "flip" her to 12/12 that you'll never see a good harvest with these ladies ... autos (and I DO think they're autos) will grow under 12/12 but not very well.

I'm seeing attributes of her that are exactly what I saw in my grow... Give her another week and I think she'll just pop into flower which sounds weird but that's what my grow did.. and very late! Take a look at my diary and the pictures - you'll see they look very similar and my concerns were exactly what you are concerned about...

Good luck... autoflowers have their own schedule and although there are "normal" times for doing things, there are SOME ladies that throw those norms out the window... I think you're fine!
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MagicoVerde week 8

You doing a good job bro :clap:

Ziocannabis week 8

Hi Bro
I agree with Oleksandr.buds... too few watts would be worth at least 300 watts, in a vegetative state it may still be there but in bloom if you want to seriously harvest a fair amount of final product 100 watts are nothing unfortunately... lower the lamp to no more than 40 cm with the hope that it will also illuminate the edges... if you want to make 4/5 plants discreetly, you'll get a 300 watts in a 1 square meter box....4/5 plants tend to go in search of light if it is too few for that number and the final product loses so much ... I say this from experience and past mistakes..? Now with a 640 coming to me, I'll do 6 in all... With the Lumatek 300 I'm doing no more than 4
Good luck with everything