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First grow
7 weeks
First grow Cjolicoeur
Super Skunk
5 comments · 3 weeks ago
[First Grow] Quad Grape Auto (BIFBeans)
12 weeks
[First Grow] Quad Grape Auto (BIFBeans) buddyy
Brothers in Farms
8 comments · 2 months ago
FastBuds Gorilla Cookies Auto
10 weeks
FastBuds Gorilla Cookies Auto TheCannaProphet
Gorilla Cookies Auto
15 comments · 6 months ago
Pineapple Express
15 weeks
Pineapple Express Luv2Grow
Pineapple Express Auto
24 comments · 6 months ago
Crystal Candy XL Auto : Sweet Seeds
13 weeks
Crystal Candy XL Auto : Sweet Seeds NeedsMoreFans
Crystal Candy XL Auto
47 comments · 10 months ago
Grow #2: Lambs Breath Auto
13 weeks
Grow #2: Lambs Breath Auto MrHightimes
Lambs Breath Autoflower
41 comments · 12 months ago

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27 weeks
CUSTOM SEEDS Rock_n_Roll_Randy
+2 strains
706 comments · 1 month ago
Custom bred strains
24 weeks
Custom bred strains Rock_n_Roll_Randy
+2 strains
249 comments · 3 months ago
1st ever grow, Sour D. Auto
13 weeks
1st ever grow, Sour D. Auto Tweezer
Sour Diesel
345 comments · 1 year ago
17 weeks
GDP Fem Kitties_and_Colas
135 comments · 2 months ago
Grow #3: Fastbuds Gorilla Cookies
12 weeks
Grow #3: Fastbuds Gorilla Cookies MrHightimes
Gorilla Cookies Auto
108 comments · 9 months ago
Zkittalicious @Exotic Seed Organic
17 weeks
Zkittalicious @Exotic Seed Organic Polaskis
126 comments · 4 months ago
Time to get sexy (SexBud)
21 weeks
Time to get sexy (SexBud) WildeWeed
45 comments · 11 months ago
Gold Bar Corona Solo Cup Challenge
10 weeks
Gold Bar Corona Solo Cup Challenge ButtersStotch
Gold Bar Kush
75 comments · 11 months ago

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Blue Dream Flower Period
2 weeks
Blue Dream Flower Period Biff_T
Blue Dream
1 comment · 24 hours ago
Blue Cookies- Crop King Seeds
7 weeks
Blue Cookies- Crop King Seeds Weisasss
Blue Cookies
3 comments · 2 days ago
3 weeks
Zkittles Jensocide
Zkittlez Autoflower
2 comments · 2 days ago
White Widow Auto Hydroponic
4 weeks
White Widow Auto Hydroponic Jensocide
White Widow Autoflower
3 comments · 2 days ago
First Grow
10 weeks
First Grow Jensocide
White Widow Autoflower
4 comments · 2 days ago
Chernobyl first grow
1 week
Chernobyl first grow Slong87
2 comments · 3 days ago

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Good grow tent. I'd say the tent is a tad bit smaller than 60" by about 2" or so. I have had this tent for just over a year now and still functional. The bars makes me nervous about hanging anything from them though.
30 minutes ago
Good tent, no problems with the frame or zippers... Didn't leak light.
21 hours ago
Great tent Mylar but wished the stitching was stronger
2 days ago
Very good, still standing up after 4 years
2 days ago
I like the extra 1x3 area for equipment which still gives me 3x3 for growing.
2 days ago
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Hello are you guys interested in sponsoring grows with me? :pray:


I’ve got a 2 year old tent that I open 10 times a day at least. This thing has 60lbs of gear hanging in it and is indestructible I guess. I’ve worn a couple of bare spots on the liner from moving and watering plants all the time. I can’t find a replacement liner 48x48. Keep thinking I’ll find a reason to order a new tent but this one just keeps going like it’s new. Shit, never gonna need a new tent, that’s a good thing and something rarely said. Great product. Replacement floor liners?