Vivosun is a prominent provider of a wide range of indoor gardening products, including smart grow systems, grow kits, grow tents, grow lights, climate control, propagation tools, hydroponics equipment, and various accessories. The company was founded in Los Angeles over a decade ago by a group of passionate growers who understand what it takes to succeed in the cultivation process. With a strong commitment to helping both beginners and experienced growers achieve professional-level results, Vivosun's products are thoughtfully designed to simplify the science of growing. Their unique, patented technology ensures that anyone can cultivate plants with ease, creating the perfect environment for optimal growth. As a global leader in at-home growing technology and equipment, Vivosun has established itself as a trusted partner for growers at every level. With a demonstrated track record of excellence in the development and production of growing tools, the company has earned the reputation of being a reliable and knowledgeable resource for all aspects of the growing process. Whether you're just starting or have years of experience, Vivosun is dedicated to empowering growers with the right tools and knowledge for successful indoor gardening.

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Gratitude Grow
19 weeks
Gratitude Grow RosQuare
+1 strain
3 months ago · 14 comments
Strawberry Gorilla Auto
12 weeks
Strawberry Gorilla AutoChubbs
Fast Buds - Strawberry Gorilla Auto
a year ago · 60 comments
14 weeks
Fast Buds - Pound Cake Auto
a year ago · 11 comments
Thorsberry - Captain Redbeard
22 weeks
Thorsberry - Captain Redbeard PapaNugs
Captain Red Beard Seeds - Thorsberry
a year ago · 84 comments
Black Mimosa - Captain Redbeard
23 weeks
Black Mimosa - Captain Redbeard PapaNugs
Captain Red Beard Seeds - Black Mimosa
a year ago · 65 comments
Solo cup
12 weeks
Solo cupSpeedy7250
Mephisto Genetics - Double Grape
a year ago · 10 comments
Gorilla Punch Auto
12 weeks
Gorilla Punch AutoChubbs
Fast Buds - Gorilla Punch Auto
a year ago · 46 comments
Pai Gow Atlas Seeds
16 weeks
Pai Gow Atlas SeedsPapaNugs
Atlas Seed - Pai Gow
a year ago · 60 comments
Chemdawg freebies (first indoor photo)
14 weeks
Chemdawg freebies (first indoor photo)bsplayerone
Green House Seed Co. - Chemdog
a year ago · 13 comments

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27 weeks
CUSTOM SEEDSRock_n_Roll_Randy
+2 strains
3 years ago · 567 comments
4x8 w/1680w LM301h Quantum Boards
21 weeks
4x8 w/1680w LM301h Quantum BoardsFoTwenny
+6 strains
4 years ago · 393 comments
Custom bred strains
24 weeks
Custom bred strains Rock_n_Roll_Randy
+2 strains
3 years ago · 213 comments
1st Grow. Larfy AF!
13 weeks
1st Grow. Larfy AF!Tweezer
Sour Diesel
4 years ago · 345 comments
17 weeks
GDP FemKitties_and_Colas
3 years ago · 133 comments
You choose the strains!
18 weeks
You choose the strains!FoTwenny
+6 strains
3 years ago · 327 comments
Gonna try some Chemdawg
18 weeks
Gonna try some ChemdawgSour_D
ILGM - Chemdawg
2 years ago · 135 comments
Blueberry Muffin Humboldt Seed Co
19 weeks
Blueberry Muffin Humboldt Seed CoPapaNugs
Humboldt Seed Company - Blueberry Muffin
a year ago · 141 comments
20 weeks
+10 strains
a day ago · 391 comments

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Tyrone Biggums garden
1 weeks
Tyrone Biggums gardenKGBNWNC
Fast Buds - Green Crack Auto
16 hours ago
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1 weeks
Peyote Critical in 4x2Dystx
Barney's Farm - Peyote Critical
18 hours ago
1st Grow Ever
1 weeks
1st Grow EverDevonc806
Barney's Farm - White Widow XXL Auto
a day ago
1 weeks
NordicGrow Blazingmonkie
Fast Buds - Skunk Auto
6 days ago · 1 comment
Fast Buds-Apricot Auto
3 weeks
Fast Buds-Apricot Autorenbuds
Fast Buds - Apricot Auto
2 days ago · 1 comment
Purple Punch Auto
2 weeks
Purple Punch Auto Growdemnugs
Barney's Farm - Purple Punch Auto
5 days ago · 2 comments

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Not the sturdiest tent I've used. The zipper is completely destroyed 😭. Looking to replace soon.
3 hours ago
Not the sturdiest tent I've used. The zipper is completely destroyed 😭. Looking to replace soon.
3 hours ago
Not the sturdiest tent I've used. The zipper is completely destroyed 😭. Looking to replace soon.
2 days ago
Buying a bigger light from them now
3 days ago
Buying a bigger light from them now
3 days ago
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I’ve got a 2 year old tent that I open 10 times a day at least. This thing has 60lbs of gear hanging in it and is indestructible I guess. I’ve worn a couple of bare spots on the liner from moving and watering plants all the time. I can’t find a replacement liner 48x48. Keep thinking I’ll find a reason to order a new tent but this one just keeps going like it’s new. Shit, never gonna need a new tent, that’s a good thing and something rarely said. Great product. Replacement floor liners?
@Loserofthemonth, I could use a replacement also.
Hello are you guys interested in sponsoring grows with me? 🙏
I have the 24x48x60. I have 4 three gallon pots which fits perfect. My friend tried 8 three gallon pots and it was really tight. He just went to 4 five gallon pots which works.