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1st full indoor. (Accidentally erased)

23 hours ago
KnK Ku Custom Breeder & Strain
LED / 250W
LED / 400W
FL / 150W
LED / 250W
LED / 400W
Room Type
Grow medium
Grow medium
Coco Coir
Grow medium
Earth worm casting
Grow medium
Grow medium
Paper Towel
Germination Method
weeks 10,7,...
weeks 10,9,...
weeks 12,11,...
weeks 12,9,...
weeks 3,2
weeks 6,5,...
Photos & Videos
Grow Conditions
Week 14
Day Air Temperature
Day Air Temperature
9+ conditions after Login
9.86 ml/gal
Advanced Nutrients - pH Down
pH Down
0.5 ml/gal
Grow Technique Usage
Commented by Kwczekus Kwczekus
23 hours ago

I hate that the leaves are yellow and I messed up someplace. It was going so well. The tricomes look good though. They smell great and they are super sticky.

Grow Questions
Kwczekus week 3 started grow question 3 months ago
Tipping/ FIMing
Hi at what point should I begin to top my plants? They are almost a month old.
Techniques. Topping
Techniques. FIMing
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Aldo90 answered grow question 3 months ago
You could top it now. Your at that stage where it's time to train and get hands on.
Kwczekus week 4 started grow question 3 months ago
I think I'm lacking some nutrients. Can someone give me an idea?
Feeding. Deficiences
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CannaKrops answered grow question 3 months ago
I don't believe that they are deficient. Overall, they look healthy. I'm definitely still figuring all this out myself, but it looks like it could be watering issues. Like, the dreaded overwatering or pH fluctuations. My experience has been that watering issues can quickly give the impression that there are deficiencies. I suggest drying them out almost to the point of wilting and then resume water/feed at a reduced rate. Hope this helps and happy growing!
Kwczekus week 5 started grow question 2 months ago
Over fed?
If they have been over fed how do I fix it? Over watered just needs to dry out and not do it again. Sigh that's the part I keep having trouble with
Leaves. Color - Yellow
Plant. Stem - Red or purple
Feeding. Other
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Creepy_Steve answered grow question 2 months ago
looks like it needs N fo sure... red petioles (leaf stem) can be caused by intense led light but also could be a sign of slightly low P, too. A red streak in stem (branches / trunk - apical meristem) is potentially related to low S.

ensure pH is fine.. and assumes you aren't providing some very high EC that is causing lockout -- based on pictures it doesn't seem either is the case, but you should not assume something that can be accurately measured/calculated. anyway, if it were the case you'd see a plethora of symptoms normally caused by numerous necessary molecules' concentration being too high/low and that blocks out several others from being used inside the plant, hence a smorgasborg of symptoms results
Kwczekus week 6 started grow question 2 months ago
Help I've been in the hospital my husband's been watering but my plants are sick help what do we do?
Leaves. Edges burnt
Leaves. Color - Yellow
Feeding. Deficiences
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Ezzjaybruh answered grow question 2 months ago
I see your feeds now of 0.5ML per Liter.. (of each of the trio)
it’s good to start low but they are screaming for food now.. I’d bump that up to probably 2mL/L at least for the next feeding.
Kwczekus week 7 started grow question 2 months ago
Hi I have topped these 1x. Do I top again? If so when should I top?
Techniques. Topping
ernest_twwg answered grow question 2 months ago
That is entirely up to you and how long you want them to be in a veg cycle.
I recommend not topping. Take off the top two leaves of each branch, instead. It will free up light to get to lower branch nodes and basically do the same thing as topping without actually topping the plant. This means it will have a much shorter recovery time, if it has a recovery time at all.

Some people top each branch 5+ times, so don't worry about overdoing it. If you want a thick plant, all the power is yours! Grow her how you want.
Kwczekus week 10 started grow question 4 weeks ago
Scrog correct?
Am I doing the scrog correctly? 1st time but these ladies lookin good. Are they big enough to be in flower my room is probably only 7ft high.
Other. General questions
Techniques. ScrOG
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Whiteybulger1814 answered grow question 4 weeks ago
You're doing just fine, you might get some really quick growth after you flip to flower for the first 3 weeks of stretch but you can add a second scrog and continue to tuck them branches and you'll do just fine, Scroggins isn't that advanced of technique just make sure you spread to the furthest square and ya have to you might need to move it, but you're doing just fine
Kwczekus week 13 started grow question 6 days ago
What did I do now?
So I'm not sure what's up if it's over or under - fed and/or watered. Seems like I have issues at this stage... sigh please give some insight?
Leaves. Color - Yellow
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piper answered grow question 4 days ago
I see

It needs NPK especially N

They all have WPM
Tezza2 answered grow question 4 days ago
So ur plants are in week 13 of flower yah i would say the plant is using up the nutrients in the leaves starting to fade but having a look at one of ur pics it looks like you have mould problem happening
GrowingGrannie answered grow question 6 days ago
It's at about this time in a grow when all plants start needing a whole lot more P and K and less N than you've been giving during veg.... What this is showing is a pretty good P&K deficiency (mostly a phosphorus deficiency) perhaps brought about by a nitrogen toxicity which has locked out those other terribly important nutes. I have no idea what it is exactly that you're feeding but the NPK ratios ought to be about 1-5-4 ... your EC is good, could/maybe SHOULD be higher ... and your pH is also good - just juggle around with the ratios.

Good luck.
Kwczekus week 13 started grow question 5 days ago
I may have over watered or it could be nutrient lockout. I only feed them every 10days to 2wks. I was switching them over from 1 fert to bloom fert by mixing 1 tsp of ea into 1 gal water but I did it 2x in a row.
Leaves. Curl down
Leaves. Color - Yellow
Ctrellis90 answered grow question 5 days ago
So that isn't nutrient lock out.
I want to stress that get a better nutrient line for your plants. Something more gentle and easier to mix at lower ratios because that stuff is...I'm not sure.
The best way to fix an overfeeding is to just water your plants thoroughly for the next week or two careful not to drown them. Although your plants needed more nutrients to begin with so I would just see how they respond. They have a lot of old damage on them so it's kind of difficult to tell if she's getting better or worse.
Also the white soap scum looking stuff in your leaves? Try whipping it off with a wet cloth. Just curious.
Hope this helps.
Organoman answered grow question 5 days ago
Both those fertilizers are NOT SUITABLE at all for cannabis.
For growth you want something around 6-2-4 and for flowering something around 4-4-6 for general feeding, supplemented with some cal/mag and a P/K booster for flowering.

I would say your plants are suffering from toxicity due to a nutrient salt build up in the substrate.
Plain water for a week then resume feeding with proper cannabis friendly nutrients would be my suggestion.
The older damaged leaves will not recover, but this should help prevent things getting much worse, although generallly, what is ahowing now in the leaves, is a reflection of what was happening in the soil two weeks ago, so things will probably get worse before they start to improve unfortunately.

But getting the correct type of fertilizers for cannabis growing should be your first priority.
UnkleSkunk answered grow question 5 days ago
now I can understand better...
"During the vegetative phase, cannabis requires an NPK ratio of 3:1:1. However, that doesn't necessarily mean that you should feed it a fertilizer with that ratio. “quote.
let's say 20-20-20 is a bit too much for our plant to do well it should be about 60-20-20
” A highly effective NPK ratio for beginning to mid-bloom is 1:3:2, followed by 0:3:3 for the remaining flowering period. “
you have a 9/58/8 ditto as above in your case a 9-27-18 would be fine and then switch to a 0-27-27
these data are with the right proportions calculated with that type of fertilizers
remember one thing an excess of a fertilizer can lead to a subsequent deficiency
” Phosphorus poisoning occurs instead when Cannabis plants receive too much of it, and it is often caused by inexperienced growers who administer too much fertilizer to their plants during flowering. If exposed to an excess of phosphorus, cannabis plants will suffer burns from fertilizers, characterized by these symptoms:

Leaves with a burnt appearance and sometimes with spots
Yellowed leaf ribs
Curled tips or edges of the leaves” cita
I hope it will be useful to you because to search for everything I have put in Half an hour :muscle:
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