Third times a charm….Tropicanna Poison

2 months ago
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Grow medium
00seeds2 - 00 KUSH
Tropicanna Poison F1 Fast Version
Sweet Seeds
Growing it
I would say it’s strong resistance to mould was impressive, there were so many nodes all packed in so tightly so I’m not really surprised I got a lot of popcorn flower because at the end of the day- it’ll all get processed into something and the fact I spread the nodes out means I have lots of tops - 25 to be precise! The best photos are on my d-slr and will be uploaded later and obviously I’ll update this when it’s cured and dried and I can weigh it. I don’t see the sense it wet weight - it’s hard to do and useless. There is definitely a couple of ounces there though. I mean it’s night and day compared to the diesel which has been going exactly the same amount of time. Just needs a couple more weeks! I totally guessed the weight as they’ve now made that a mandatory field. I’ll fill out the dry weight when I get there.
The Outcome
Week 17
What's on the scales?
Bud dry weight
What's on the scales?
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61% Sativa 39% Indica

Positive effects


Medical effects

I didn’t use it that frequently tbf, once they had gone into the AutoPot system it was quite hard to use it as you need to water it from above and it all separates in the tank and you just don’t want it in there lol On the other hand I used it on all my seedlings and they turned out great.
Love this light, I have the non smart older version but still, the smart fan is really where it’s at. I got a 6” so I could run it at much lower speeds than would ordinarily be done.
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Rabidreject Rabidreject
2 months ago
The week was good - not sure I’d take acid when harvesting again although it just started kicking in once I’d finished so that was good. Honestly, I’m really happy with my harvest. There is a lot of it, and more to come in a few weeks time. I’m trying to delay people coming into my flat to sort the damp out but it’s getting to the point where it’s going to be tight! Oh well Update since drying and am into curing - for some reason the place where it asks you to put your dry weight has disappeared so I just put it in the wet weight. I got 60g off of her - not counting the popcorn buds or the trim that I’ll use in my lab to make shatter and then i will at least know how much extract is in my oil. As opposed to just simple putting it into a round bottom flask bit by bit using a small quantity of oil - dacarbing as I go and then use the same oil over and over again until it’s all been decarbed into like 50ml oil or something. I know which one would take longer and I also distilled my own 100% alcohol (which is pretty hard to do as it pulls 2% water out of the air) simply from water, a bag of white sugar and yeast. It took three distillations to get to 100% with the use of molecular seives at the end. It makes sense to actually make use of it - it’s also ethyl alcohol so even if there is trace left and I don’t have a vacuum kit yet - I need a vacuum pulling machine or an air pump for my lab anyway so pulling a vacuum inside a gauged pot seems like a good thing to have around. I know typically people would use short path distillation for this but I don’t have the end adapter for that so I could connect 3 flasks to collect into. I’m just going to winterize it I guess. Anyway - my flat stinks I should probably hang the buds in the tent to be fair… I mean I have a prescription and so it is ALLOWED to smell of cannabis but it’s that chlorophyll, plant smell I want to get rid of — mind you, I guess that’s the whole point of drying and curing but still…I have a gas inspection guy coming tomorrow so it is a little worrying as it obviously fucking wreaks of skunk in this room! Also the guy who was my cover and used to smoke joints and stink out the whole building has moved out now so I can’t use him as an excuse, I’ll just have to boil some coffee, bake some bread and maybe make a stink bomb? Haha I do have a lab after all! Iv never thought of playing around with aromatics tbh - apart from the aldehydes, I’m more than familiar with them! Anyway this is a weed growing place and not chemistry so I’ll shut up. I do intend to try the isomerisation of CBD into the THC we all know and love. Trouble is there are side products and it needs to be thoroughly rid of the solvents used - hence also another need for that vacuum chamber.
Smoke review
I didn’t even realise this page existed, there should really be an option for it when you hit the + button, let’s face it though, who is going to even read this, let alone take on suggestions haha Okay so it’s too newly harvest to taste great yet but it smells absolutely dank. It really reminds me a lot of the FastBuds plant I grew - smoothie. Smells very similar - I made some banging rosin from that plant - manipulated consistency until it was like a batter type consistency. Anyway it really reminds me of that tbf. So far the taste doesn’t translate - it still tastes of chlorophyll but that takes a while of just opening and shutting lots of jars for a few weeks. If that….going by my previous experience. That chlorophyll taste - as long as you don’t jar it too early is pretty easy to get rid of, it just takes time. Unless you’ve dried it within like a day then you are never getting that bud to taste nice. It’s a huge factor in my consumption as I am a medical user and use a lot - I hate that hay smell and taste you get from badly dried and cured weed. It’s such a waste….its the sort of stuff that ends up in the hands of tanagers - or would have in my day before the internet!
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Grow Questions
Rabidrejectstarted grow question 2 months ago
I’m wondering about my next cycle and purpetual harvest….how long before the end of flowering of the last plants do you germ the new ones?
m0useanswered grow question 2 months ago
Try monster cropping. cloning out the plant before flipping to flower or just after. then growing the clones out repeating. need a 2nd space/tent for this and light.
Hashyanswered grow question 2 months ago
Depends on how much space you want to dedicate to doing it. A small propergation tent can help shelve times off between grows. You could start your next batch probably the week before harvesting current batch.
Storkanswered grow question 2 months ago
After drying, general cleaning, upgrading, and preparing, it will take about three weeks or so..

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Sweet_Seedsweek 0
Thank you very much for sharing a new diary with one of our strains. 😊 We hope you enjoy it. 😋 Sweet smokes, - Apolo
@Sweet_Seeds,I would enjoy it a lot more if you’d let me test for you ;) I hope I actually get to flower this time. This Is the second time growing this strain - both other times were interrupted before I could flower! So we will see!
Dabkingweek 0
Looks good. Keep it up
Mooncatweek 16
Nicely Grown👌 sadly the red didnt come through in this one just a light hint😿 Its a bit of a gamble anyway.
Herbie101week 1
Good luck and happy growing buddy! 🌱🌞🍀
Green_Man_420week 0
Good luck with your grow ✌️
GrowInSpartaweek 5
Good luck and happy grow 🌱💪🏻