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General Hydroponics (GHE)

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Rabidreject Apprentice
Gorilla Glue Auto
Growing it
Really beautiful cultivar this was. I really enjoyed growing it and everything about it was huge!
Even when I went to go scavenge the grow media the roots were just crazy out of control while taking up the whole 25l pot! Amazing especially for an auto!
I received a manual rosin press from my new sponsors Devil Press.

I will therefore be making some extra content with reviews and comparisons as I am awaiting the receival of the Devil Press DS2000 so that I can review it against the DP9 and ask the question; Is it worth the extra £269!
We will have to see but I am incredibly happy with the DP9 so far.

I havnt been weighing what iv put in OR taken out.

However, I do know I have a few small glass pots that single serve jam came in at a bnb!

I love the scraping of rosin from the grease proof paper, it collects so well when you put it all (including the metal tool) in the freezer. I would ultimately like to have a slab of marble or slab of metal I can use as a cold slab to collect rosin on!
I am also obviously going to make some live rosin from the dry ice sift hash from the trim! I got such a decent amount of trichome heads last run but I always wait for at least two grows worth of trim before it’s worth ordering the dry ice.

I can’t wait to make dry ice hash and pres it to rosin. It should capture actual terpene profile of the plant when it was growing. And it’s SO Fuelly already let alone when it’s concentrated!

I’m getting my carried away but iv definitely been bitten by the extract bug!
Anyway, this cultivar is extremely fuelly tasting. Very tart and sharp, slightly citrussy. A REALLY interesting terp profile and totally not what I expected! I love it!
5 days ago
Rabidreject Apprentice
Mimosa Cake Auto
Growing it
I’m not sure if it was bud rot but just after I had hung my plant and split it up into hangable buds one of the very ends of the main cola started going brown and mouldy.

I think it was from where I removed a fan leaf from near the top without using scissors. I believe it went brown from the stem at that place where I broke the skin.

I simply snipped off the very tip of the cola I was dealing with and checked the rest of the buds very closely. I found no other signs of any mould or browning.

It’s very tempting to just start snapping fan leaves off with my hands when I harvest but I need to force myself to use the snips.

It’s especially tempting with this cultivar as the fan leaves are on such a long stem.

Other than that a pretty seamless grow. She smells beautiful and sweet.

I even made a tiny tiny ball of charms from it when harvesting, it was so sticky!
I’m not sure why it’s stopped asking me my dry weight…maybe coz I didn’t put it in straight away? I don’t know. Iv put the dry weight in the wet weight section.
2 weeks ago
Rabidreject Apprentice
Orange Sherbet Auto
Growing it
Looks great but I can't give a smoke or taste report yet. Shd smells absolutely amazing. Like putrid oranges fermenting into a deep skunks smell.
Not sure why but it isn’t asking me my dry weight so I’ll bang it in here…
Iv already vaped about a q so going to add 7g onto the dry weight. This is all without stalk just pure bud too.

Bugger this is the one plant iv not weighed yet! TBC….
3 weeks ago

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