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Fast Buds
Terra Aquatica

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Tropicanna Poison F1 Fast Version
Growing it
I would say it’s strong resistance to mould was impressive, there were so many nodes all packed in so tightly so I’m not really surprised I got a lot of popcorn flower because at the end of the day- it’ll all get processed into something and the fact I spread the nodes out means I have lots of tops - 25 to be precise! The best photos are on my d-slr and will be uploaded later and obviously I’ll update this when it’s cured and dried and I can weigh it. I don’t see the sense it wet weight - it’s hard to do and useless. There is definitely a couple of ounces there though. I mean it’s night and day compared to the diesel which has been going exactly the same amount of time. Just needs a couple more weeks! I totally guessed the weight as they’ve now made that a mandatory field. I’ll fill out the dry weight when I get there.
a day ago
Alien vs. Triangle
Growing it
It was probably the start in life I gave it. I was having ‘issues’ with seed germination and I was also only growing in a small 50x50cm cupboard so there wasn’t a lot to fill. I had really bad luck knocking off major nodes too… Oh well, what I did get smells amazing. Iv not weighed it wet but will weigh it dry. Edit after drying: she smells amazing! Not much of her there haha 24g but still, it was an AWFUL grow! I take no pride in it but fuck me does it smell good. It’s being burped a few x a day atm. She smells quite reminiscent of the OG Kush I grew by FastBuds. Tbh, it was about the same size too - maybe I got a bit more from the FastBuds one but that was in a full room setup. After the appropriate time of opening and closing jars and after its slow dry, it came out quite nice but now iv started growing and smoking photoperiod’s, I do see why the photo community say they are weak. Mind you, I don’t see HOW on earth FastBuds can get a THC count above 30%. I simply do not believe that from an auto - having been looking at seeds for fema recently a lot of them arnt even that strong! I’m on medical cannabis and the strongest they do is 30%, which has opened my eyes to the fact they clearly fudge their THC scores because I grew nothing but fast buds for about 4 years and I never once got anything that was as strong as my medical stuff is and most of that hangs around 28%.
2 months ago
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peace brother!!! 😉