8set Mainlines in Auto Pots - RQS Cookies Gelato

11 days ago
Grow Conditions
Week 1
18 hrs
Light Schedule
Day Air Temperature
10+ conditions after
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Insaniac_0 Insaniac_0
11 days ago
4/3 to 4/9 Veg Days 7 to 13 Week 1 Not much to talk about here. They took to the soil as expected with no issues. One plant's 6 day advantage is really showing here tho. Think I will have to dub that one as "P1" simply because of the timing of root start. Feed this week was 1.5cup & 2.5cups of 6.4ph RO (no nutes) with 4 days between and 4 days after the last feed. Both feeds produced a little runoff, so I know I got the water through well enough. Feed plan next week will increase the amounts to 2.5cup & 3cups of RO and introduce my Veg Mix concentrate. Same feed intervals of about 4 days between feeds. I still want to see the water run through, so if I need to use more than 2.5 cups I will. The idea is to water deep and through, but then make them search for more before the next feed, hopefuly spreading the roots out while doing it. Video - simple growth video since there's nothing to really do this week but watch them grow.
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