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True Plant Science (TPS)True Plant Science (TPS)True Plant Science (TPS)

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Quest for the pound plant cap'n style
19 weeks
Quest for the pound plant cap'n style Hempkid
OG Kush (fem)
53 comments · 3 months ago
Purple Punch Auto X 2
12 weeks
Purple Punch Auto X 2 Orion1522
Purple Punch Auto
19 comments · 8 months ago

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Lemon Pie
2 weeks
Lemon Pie KindaHotNTheseRhinos
Lemon Pie Auto
4 comments · 4 days ago
Heavyweight Seeds Money Bush
1 week
Heavyweight Seeds Money Bush SaintSativa
Money Bush
6 comments · 2 weeks ago
Bug bang #4
1 week
Bug bang #4 tJams663
Big Bang Auto
1 comment · 3 weeks ago
CBD Critical Mass
1 week
CBD Critical Mass MickeyJ
CBD Critical Mass
2 comments · 4 weeks ago
Wedding Cake Big Rootz
4 weeks
Wedding Cake Big Rootz Mr_Horse
Wedding Cake Auto
17 comments · 6 days ago
Fall indoor widow
6 weeks
Fall indoor widow Ctpadge803
White Widow
5 comments · 11 hours ago
Blueberry auto #2
6 weeks
Blueberry auto #2 Mr420
7 comments · 5 days ago
Summertime Diesicles
8 weeks
Summertime Diesicles Silverback_Guerilla
Wicked Stix - Frozen Diesel
10 comments · 4 days ago

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Little weak but I liked them. Will probably experiment though. They weren't perfect but I'd recommend

1 day ago

Really makes a difference in bud production and finishing.

3 days ago

TPS Delivers. Second grow with TPS products. They offer a clean good product without a lot of tank sludge.

5 days ago

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