First legal outdoor coco grow Germany Fast buds

6 days ago
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Week 8
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Smoking_Joe_Frasier Smoking_Joe_Frasier
6 days ago
Week 8: Flowering Stage Rising Temperatures and Weather Challenges The temperatures are expected to rise slightly this week, but intermittent thunderstorms and heavy rain are also forecasted. This unpredictable weather presents a challenge, but I remain hopeful for continued growth. Snail Attack I had been leaving the plants outside overnight, but during a late-night check, I found three giant slugs feasting on my Gorilla Cookies buds. These damn snails just won't give up. I'm seriously considering installing some kind of automatic deterrent system. Feeding and Watering Consistency The amount of water and nutrients remains unchanged. Each plant continues to receive 3 liters of nutrient solution in their 11-liter pots to prevent salt buildup and ensure optimal growth. Growth Observations Banana Purple Punch and Blue Dream: Both strains seem to have halted their vertical growth. They are now fully focused on bud development. Tangie: This plant is still vigorously growing with new shoots appearing everywhere. Tangie seems perfect for low-stress training (LST) and could probably handle a well-timed topping without issues. I had to do some light defoliation to make sure everything receives enough light. Gorilla Cookies: While it’s not growing as aggressively as before, it is concentrating on flowering. Despite this, it continues to gain some height. Looking Ahead As the flowering stage progresses, I'm eager to see how the plants adapt to the changing weather conditions and how they continue to develop. Despite the challenges, the plants are showing resilience, and the buds are looking promising. Update 18.07: Pest Problems Bad news, growmies. During my daily inspection today, I discovered some unwelcome pests. Some leaves on all the plants had white or silver dots, which I suspect are caused by thrips. The Banana Purple Punch plant was particularly affected, with numerous black dots on the top buds, likely aphids. I had to remove two small buds 😞. To combat this, I brought all the plants inside for a thorough shower and removed any affected leaves. I then sprayed them with a light neem oil solution, taking care to avoid the buds to prevent affecting their taste. The Banana Purple Punch plant has been isolated to prevent further infestation. I'm open to any advice or suggestions on how to handle this situation more effectively. What else do you think I should do? Update 21.07 The heat has been intense lately, with temperatures soaring to around 31°C (88°F). Despite this, my garden is showing remarkable resilience. After battling thrips and aphids, my plants are bouncing back. The Tangie, Blue Dream, and Gorilla Cookies no longer display any signs of thrip damage on their leaves. It seems the light neem oil solution has done the trick. However, my Banana Purple Punch remains a bit of a mystery. This strain appears particularly sensitive to nutrients, even though all my plants receive the same care and feeding. While the other plants look lush and vibrant, the Banana Purple Punch shows some troubling symptoms. Some leaves exhibit early signs of nitrogen toxicity, while others curl upwards with no apparent nutrient burn at the tips. Additionally, the large fan leaves are yellowing. Despite these issues, the buds are frosty and thriving. I recently checked the trichomes and found that most are still clear, even on my Blue Dream, which already has a promising main bud. It's clear that patience will be rewarded with this beauty 😍
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Grow Questions
Smoking_Joe_Frasierstarted grow question 4 days ago
I found small flies + white dots (almost silver) on leaves and aphids in between the buts. Remove top buds and the leaves. Gave her a shower and sprayed some light dose of neem oil What else can I do to save her? Or should I chop her? Buds not ripe yet.
BerrySweetHighanswered grow question 3 days ago
Hello Smoking_Joe_Frasier, You are right, these are thrips. You can kill them pretty easy with one of the options mentioned in the article below, Happy Growing Buddy! 💚

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ChefDan420week 6
Like the training 🏼‍♀️🤸🏼‍♂️
@ChefDan420, Thanks mate, first time trying LST. I'm satisfied how they look. Also i'm curious if there's a big difference in the yield of the trained and untrained plants.
RasendeRollo92week 4
Guter Report !
@RasendeRollo92, Danke mein Bester, macht mir auch tierisch Spaß mit der Community hier. Wenn jetzt ab morgen auch noch das Wetter besser wird, kann ja nichts mehr schief gehen. Die Ladies gehen in die Vorblüten und einige Anpassungen sind von nöten. Ab morgen beginnt meine 5.Woche, also schau mal wieder rein 🏼
Sejanus21week 4
Sehr interessanter und detaillierter Report. Ich setze meine Damen auch tagsüber aus dem Gewächshaus heraus; gestern ging das, heute war zu viel Regen, aber nächste Woche wird noch einmal einen Schub geben.
@Sejanus21, danke für dein Feedback. Ich lasse momentan die Damen komplett im Gewächshaus, da die Temperaturen dort höher sind. Ist bis jetzt ein armseeliger Sommer. Die nächste Woche zählt, meine Babes zeigen erste Pistils. Wenn das Wetter passt, hoffe ich auf einen satten Stretch. Dir auch viel Erfolg Growmie 🍀🥦
DayDream07week 4
From my experience, doing some easy LST like bending the shoots away from the plant does no harm nor slow growth. Especially outside this will prevent other stressors. Due to the width you will have better airflow later and can prevent mold etc. .. additionally you will also get a much better canopy and therefore an improved harvest. If you want to strengthen your plants further, you could add something like SiCaMag by Plantboom. Last, you could consider getting a solar fan for around 40€, to further prevent mold and strengthen your stems.
@DayDream07, You guys convinced me to give LST a shot 😉. I thought about adding silicate or mycorrhizae, but I’m sticking with the Tripart series and Calmag for now. Let's see how far I can get with these. Thanks for the fan tip, but unless it's raining, they're outside catching some wind. I want those stems to be gym-level strong!
CuriosityWebsterweek 4
Honestly I see where you’re coming from with not wanting to stress the plant But LST and spreading the plant will only help you in the end. 95% of the time I’m willing to bet. Other 5% is other environmental/genetical problems
@CuriosityWebster, Thank you for your opinion. You convinced me to start an LST experiment on one of my plants. No risk no fun. Can you give me a tip on when is the best time to begin?
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DayDream07week 2
sehr hübsch! Wie läuft es mit dem Gewächshaus und der Belüftung / Luftfeuchtigkeit? Das könnte ja besonders in ein paar Wochen interessant sein. Happy Growing!
@DayDream07, Hi Daydream07, bis jetzt sieht alles soweit gut aus. Ich hatte anfangs die Zugänge komplett geschlossen, da die Temperaturen nicht so hoch waren. Da die Luftfeuchtigkeit aber zu stark gesteigen ist, musste ich die Eingänge zumindest halb öffnen. Abends schließe ich wieder alles. Bist jetzt klappts gut. Im Hochsommer kommt alles auf und das Gewächshaus dient nur noch als Regenschutz. Dir auch Happy growing 🍀🥦
DutchJardineroweek 0
Wish you luck amigo! Same weather in Holland, I don't mind the rain to much till flowering stage✋😎👍
@DutchJardinero, Thanks Growmie, the weather will get better. For the flowering time, my ladies will move to the greenhouse. So no worries here 😉 Wish you also happy growing my friend 🥦🍀
Jurihuhuweek 4
Looks pretty good! Im roughly in the same stage as you. I testet LST and within 2 days they adjusted well to it, allowing the plants to intake more sunlight.
Tropicannibis_Toddweek 7
Some tasty 😋 strains you got going my friend , so happy for you 😋 Happy Growing
@Tropicannibis_Todd, yeah my friend. They are starting to smell real nice. I hope they taste as good as they smell.