3-part “Building Block” nutrient system: T.A. TriPart® gives the best possible balance between concentration and flexibility. Why buy grow nutrients, bloom nutrients, a CalMag and a PK, when you can grow from start to finish with just three bottles! TriPart® nutrients allow you to perfectly match the changing needs of your plants by varying the mix as your grow progresses: more TriPart® Grow during growth, and more TriPart® Bloom for flowering and fruiting: simple and incredibly effective by design. Used by the most prestigious research laboratories and universities, including NASA, the TriPart® is an evolving system that we constantly update in line with the latest scientific discoveries, and improve through exhaustive testing in-house and with our partners in professional horticulture (see more on our pedigree in real-world food production and research here) Many nutrients claim to include everything that your plant needs for healthy growth, but unlike most competitors, the TriPart® includes not just the primary and secondary nutrients necessary for basic plant nutrition, but a full range of micro and sub- micronutrients as well – and we chelate every possible element for enhanced uptake and stability. This is why the TriPart® delivers such impressive and reliable results in specialist markets where enhanced flavour, aroma, potency, and essential oil production are vital. The TriPart® is available with hard or soft water formulations of TriPart® Micro to ensure that calcium levels in your nutrient solution remain optimal preventing the lockout / deficiency problems that universal nutrients can provoke. TriPart® Bloom Provides the forms of phosphorus and potassium that your plants need to increase root formation and health during growth, and help fulfill their genetic potential to the maximum during flowering and fruiting. Use lower levels in growth, and higher levels in flowering.
TriPart BloomTriPart BloomTriPart Bloom
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Nutrient TypeClassic N-P-K or micro-elements nutrient
Feeding StyleDay-to-day Solution
Organic NutrientNo
Content StateLiquid (ml/l)

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6 months ago
Lucas formula is cheap easy to use and effective I love and use this tech and brand over decade. I am a huge fan of it.
6 months ago
Use them for years with great success!
6 months ago
I have been using these nutes from TA and I can say that they are extremely strong, so they would last a long time. Be careful with the dosage.
6 months ago
I have been using these nutes from TA and I can say that they are extremely strong, so they would last a long time. Be careful with the dosage.
6 months ago
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