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Green Crack

3 months ago
Room Type
FL (216W)
Vegetation Lights
HID (315W)
Flowering Lights
FastBuds - Green Crack
Green Crack

Growing it




I'm going to break this down into different categories to come up with the final rating which will be an average of the category scores with fractions rounded to the nearest whole number.

Bud Density: 8
Trimming: 9
Speed: 7
Scent: 9
Flavor: 9
Effects: 9

Bud Density is very important. One of the phenos produced rock hard nugs while the other produced medium density nugs. Bud density leads to bag appeal and yield.

Trimming is personally important to me. I refer to it as "Trim jail". It bugs me to have a plant that requires a lot of labor to clean up during harvest. Both of these phenos were easy to trim. In addition, they didn't have much foliation which required less maintenance on my part during the grow.

Speed is a factor that is very important to me. I try my best to maximize harvests using efficiency and planning practices. The strain is advertised as being done in roughly 8 weeks or 56 days. Both of the phenos took 85 days. Had these taken only 56 days I would be 28 days away from an additional harvest.

After visually inspecting I took a big sniff of the dried, cured buds. They have a very pleasant aroma; combining citrus with tropical undertones.

I ground up a couple of nugs and packed a king size cone. The flavor is where this strain really shines. I'm experiencing a nice, cool smoke on inhale followed by a savory combination of pineapple, mango & lemon on exhale.

The effects are felt within a few minutes after the first toke. It leaves you feeling energetic, euphoric and focused. Perfect pairing for wake and bake or the active stoner.

Final thoughts: I've been toking on this well before it was cured. It became very obvious why it's been named Green Crack by Snoop Dogg. I can't seem to put this down. I've also read that even though the THCV is low in this strain, it's still recommend for patients with diabetes.

The Outcome
What's on the scales?
Bud dry weight
What's on the scales?
Bud dry weight
2 plants
Number of plants harvested
315 watt
Total light power used
Grow Room
Grow Room size
Grow Room
Grow Room size
ounce /watt/plant
ounce /plant
Photos & Videos
Tastes like
Feels like
100% Sativa
0% Indica

Positive effects


Negative effects


Advanced Nutrients is a mixed bag for me at this point in my growing experience. I still have a lot in inventory so I'll continue to use it until it is gone. When I first started this hobby the guy at the hydro store recommended using Sensei Bloom A & B. He told me that's all I need and I'll get great results. He said to add Big Bud, Overdrive & Bud Candy If I wanted a hot-rod. Why wouldn't I want a Hot Rod? I bought it all that day. Later I went and researched more of AN's marketing material and fell of the hype. I purchased a gallon of pretty much everything they had to offer. That hit the wallet for over $1100. I am sold on Bud Factor X. The buds are always stickier when I use this product. I'll probably continue to purchase this one. Ancient Earth Organic speeds up flower development so that's decent. Rhino Skin & B-52 are supposed to strengthen the stalks. I get better results from a fan. Nirvana is pretty hot and tends to cause nutrient burn. I'll be replacing Bud Candy with Nature's Candy by Remo Nutrients as soon as I run out. Their Bloom Boosters are split into three products: Bud Ignitor, Big Bud & Overdrive. Bud Ignitor has faster flips. I notice flowers developing 3-4 days sooner that without. Big Bud packs on weight and size during mid-flowering. Overdrive does the same, yet I don't really notice it until flushing begins.


I tried using this by recommendation from a former Flawless Finish user. I'm sold. The plants flush and the price point doesn't hurt the wallet. I think I picked up a quart for $10 at the hydro store.

I recently added this nutrient to my grow. I'll continue to use it. It is liquid bone meal. It is fairly inexpensive and the plants love it.

Rootamentary is a solid microbial product. I use this in veg and early flowering. I've had a solid root mass at the end of the run since I've been using it. Sea Green is also a solid microbial product. I notice explosive growth in veg and the plants seem to recover from topping, defoliating or transplanting faster.

Not really much to add here. Except for the speed of the autoflower I am extremely pleased growing this strain and I look forward to growing it again. Simple enough for a beginner and very enjoyable for the experienced. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to check out the grow and/or comment.

70207k week 13

how was the yield?


@70207k, 78.7 grams between the 2 plants after drying, trimming, and curing. Thanks for stopping by the garden! Peace

bankster week 13

Any difference in yield or quality on the topped plant?


@bankster, That is a very good question and unfortunately I don't have an exact answer. I didn't bother weighing them separately for a few different reasons.

1. The flower structure was unique to each plant. The taller, non-topped pheno had bigger buds at the end but they weren't as dense as the shorter, topped plant.

2. I smoked some nugs right at trim time. Not sure which pheno I took them from.

3. Trichomes were all over the bud matter/sugar leaves of the non-topped plant, however, the nugs on the topped plant were super sticky.

Personally, I prefer the tight, dense nugs from the topped pheno. I don't think topping really affected quality since the plants were finished correctly. With that being said, I won't be tossing out the nugs from the other pheno. Both turned out top shelf in the "effects" area.

Yield is a big question but to give you an honest opinion, I would have to grow 8-10 of these side by side while topping half of them to get an average. I am assuming that the yields were similar with the non-topped plant coming out on top by a little bit.

Thanks for stopping by the garden and checking it out! Peace

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