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LSD-25 FastBuds =)

5 years ago
LED / 250W
HID / 400W
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Week 8
18 hrs
Light Schedule
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Commented by mandragore mandragore
5 years ago

This is the end of week 8, tomorrow saturday will be the last day of week 8. FastBuds description 8 week from germ.
i still thinking harvest TOMORROW? or wait another week until the end of week 9
i dont know what the pros say but , i can't believe she is my girl :) i am very proud to myself i can feel the good feeling a lot of work what i did :))
maybe i will cry if i have to kill her :D

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mandragore week 8

guys one of my old plant have some sickness, can u help me to know what is it? i upload a picture , will be the last one



I couldn't really tell you man. We would need to know tons of details to try and diagnose it because it isn't one of the more common problems. If it is a single leaf don't worry too much, lots of leaves it might be a systemic problem. My biggest piece of advice for when you run into problems like this is to do a nice flush for the plants depending on what medium they are in then slowly add back in your nutrients but make sure you are using a complete and balanced nutrient line and feed as directed. Lots of these feed lines are specifically formulated to work together so removing one thing and substituting another may leave gaps in your plant's nutritional needs. Don't try to get fancy decreasing this and increasing that until you are very experienced or it is a clear cut issue like Ntox. That will solve 40% of your problems right there . You can solve another 40% of your problems by making sure your ph is spot on. The remaining 20% or so of your problems you are going to need to look at charts that show all cannabis excesses and deficiencies to determine the most likely cause. Also remember that old leaves will most likely never recover after showing damage signs. Look at the new growth and know that your plant is always about 4-7 days behind whatever you are doing.

Sorry I can't be more help bud but we need a lot of information. Best of luck and happy growing.


@CANNASIM,as you said, it's hard to tell without seeing the plant and no informations on the life cycle ...

@mandragore, is it just one leave ? Is it from the bottom ? What's the plant life cycle ? How often do you water/feed the plant ? You must show us the entire plant bro .


@mandragore, Isolated like that is hard to tell, I suggest you create a diary for her.
Judging only by the leaves look, this deficiency could be a mineral lock in Calcium and or manganese thise cause spotting s , seen the plant would help because it could be also Leaf Septoria which is a fungus that causes that type of yellow spotting, then turns brown with time, as I'm not sure you should get other opinions...

Guys you have any ideas judging by the leaf only? @B4RNS @Grimbol

WhiteWidow week 8

man i've had the same leaf on my plant, check it out, considering the fact that this fckn shitty leaf is related to a sickness of any kind, turned out into a healthy plant with nice buds. Don't worry and concetrate more on the situation closer to buds. Also i bought some calcium to sprayy on her but i dont believe it has helped in any way


Hey bro looking very good did you check the trichomes? You have many options for the smoke, that depends on your preference. The 3 main milestones are as flollows:

A - 40% of hairs have darken, trichomes are half clear and half cloudy : Produces a more energetic effect, and buds tend to still growing in size.

B-50-70% of hairs darken, trichomes are milk / cloudy, you get the most intense high, with most euforia - pain relief vibe.

C- 70-90% hairs have darken, trichomes are major ambar and turning, you get more CBN less THC and a more relaxing / narcotic / couch lock high.

Cheers! :facepunch::skin-tone-2::+1::skin-tone-2:


@CANNASIM, I will use this the next time i harvest, thanks

GrueneHand week 8

Looking good bud! Cheers :ok_hand::skin-tone-4::ok_hand::skin-tone-4::v::skin-tone-3:

420snowbud week 8

Did you harvest her?

Fast_Buds week 8

beautiful! Let her fatten ;)

BlackHatGenetics week 8

let her fatten up and switch her to nothing but pure water. no nutes. flush her and make that flavor come alive

LedGrower week 8

Looking good, but I would wait with harvesting. If you thing she is nearly ready start flushing. The buds will still swell abit resulting in a bigger yield. I would say harvest when 70 - 75% of the hairs are brown. Even better if you have a pocket microscope and look at the thrichomes, when the most are cloudy you should be fine to harvest.

So I would wait atleast a week if I look at the pictures

mandragore week 8

i can't show u i just give it a chance thats one of my really old plant :) btw thx

mandragore week 8

thx for ur opinion bro! i will wait maybe one week or 5 day, to harvest on seventh day.
as i read before auto-s also react well for a 24 hour dark period before harvest