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Euphoria by TOTEM

Approved by Royal Queen Seeds
2 years ago
LED / 384W
LED / 384W
Room Type
Royal Queen Seeds - Euphoria
Royal Queen Seeds

Growing it




Harvest time has come, one week later than expected. Day 138, or, in other words, almost 20 weeks from seed. This was a long journey that started in fall 2017 and ended in (almost) spring 2018. I had to face various challenges, where the hardest one was temperature management. Winter here has been very cold, and my grow room wasn’t ready for that. I firstly tried using two heating bars, but those weren’t enough, so I bought two more ceramic heating lamp, that finally helped to keep a constant and acceptable temperature.

Talking about the strain itself, this Euphoria started very fast, a lot faster than all the other plants in the grow room, and was a pleasure to grow. Because of the fast growth, I’ve been able to train her a little bit, despite of the lack of space (it was a density growth), and this helped me obtaining a decent harvest at the end. She’s been topped 6 times in total, plus a bit of LST to separate some branches, and when flowering started, I transplanted her from a 12L pot to a 20L airport with added perlite and Biobizz light mix. 6L of water every week, given every Monday, and she always felt satisfied. During flowering, the smell was totally fruity, even more than Blue Mystic one, so I really appreciated it. When I harvested this plant, the scent was a little more industrial candy like. Very sweet, maybe too much, but this is normal when you harvest weed. By the way, she’s grown like an indica, and her final height didn’t reach 1m. But she created many big colas instead! Due to the lack of space, she used nearest plants to support her branches. This made her stems not strong enough, and in fact, when I took her out of the grow box for the flush, she fell on herself. I think I wrote everything I could about the growth, so now let’s talk about the smoke session!

It was my first CBD strain ever, so there was a lot of hype in the air. Let’s firstly say that I LOVED the effect. I vaporized about 0.3g in my Mighty vaporizer, starting from 180C and gradually increasing the temperature, finally reaching 200C. Making a comparison with normal THC strains, the effect kicks in a little bit later. Indica or Sativa? In the first 20 minutes, it’s totally (100%) indica. As soon as you finish your smoke session, you NEED to lay down on your sofa or bed. Your body asks for it! You don’t even have the strength to write a message on your phone. And that’s been hard, because I was writing this review while I was on high, haha! RQS says this strain is 80% Indica and 20% Sativa. Is that true? YES! After 20 minutes, you start feeling that 20% Sativa effect: your mind is like in paradise, you feel relaxed, and are not able to think about bad things. If you do, you immediately start thinking about how fun is that you’re trying to think about bad things while you’re so happy in that moment… and you start smiling like crazy. That’s good! It’s the kind of high that no one could hate. It’s the one that makes people peaceful and happy. Love that!!!! By the way, after 20 minutes you still feel like you can’t stand up, but now you have a little stimulated mind. And you’re not hungry. You basically feel so good! Physically, the effect is very strong, and makes you feel waves of pleasure in all your body (especially in the legs). Mentally, it’s not like THC strains: you’re just slightly on high. You perfectly know what’s happening around. You’re just as high as that much needed to feel in peace with everything around you. The problem about it is that you can’t think about doing any activity because of (or thanks to) that indica effect that makes you want to stay there and just relax. I’d say it’s definitely a night strain. If you close your eyes, the effect becomes a little stronger, meaning that you start tripping a little bit. But you’re not on another planet like you’re with high THC strains. Happy thoughts and beautiful, peaceful, visual pictures. It doesn’t make you want to talk, firstly because you’re so relaxed, and secondly because you feel like your mouth is really HEAVY. When I wrote this review, I was laying on my bed. In that moment, I felt like the bed had a factory shape of my body in the middle, slightly reduced in height, just like a hole of my same shape, and that the extremities were protecting me from external wind. But I was in my room, and there was no wind of course, so… you can see how your mind tries to visualize some imaginary and fun journeys or stories. That’s actually pretty cool. But when you think about these things, you’re totally on track, and know what’s happening around you. So... you physically feel so good, and mentally you’re slightly more creative and reactive thanks to the low levels of THC. It’s like being on high even if you’re sober. And, as time passes, let’s say after 30 minutes, your mental high starts weakening, leaving space for that amazing physical relaxation that will last for at least two long hours. Should you try it? Definitely. If every CBD strain has these potentials, now I understand why there is so much hype in the air about them. Peace and love, and see you on my next growth! :facepunch:

The Outcome
What's on the scales?
Bud wet weight
What's on the scales?
Bud wet weight
1 plant
Number of plants harvested
384 watt
Total light power used
Grow Room
Grow Room size
Grow Room
Grow Room size
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20% Sativa
80% Indica

Positive effects


Negative effects

Dry eyes

Overall, I think I'm happy about these nutrients. Not one health problem until the end, and then... magnesium excess that destroyed many leaves. But I know why. Flawless Finish is a final-phase nutrient rich in Magnesium that you should use with the dosage of 2ml/L on last week before harvest. I think there's a little misunderstanding here, because, as my first time, I used it in the wrong way. What happened: flushing the plant, I gave her let's say 40L of tap water (PH 8), and then 12L of the same tap water, corrected in PH, with added Flawless Finish. The problem is that 2ml/L for 12L means 24ml of Magnesium enriched solution stuck in the soil. That's too much if you think that I've always given way less nutrients on every Monday feeding. I think I should have given the usual quantity of nutrients (6L with added nutrients). The result of this was broken and very dry leaves, full of spots. I don't think it was a PH burn, because the same happened in both Blue Mystics flushed with initial liters corrected in PH.

By the way, I can't judge all the other products taken alone because I've often used them altogether and I was in a pre-fertilized soil.

Commented by TOTEM TOTEM
2 years ago

It’s been a pleasure to grow the Euphoria. Would definitely recommend her to everyone looking for effects I just described in the smoke report. I think I’ll grow her again, but next time in coco! Peace :v:

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CBD_Sweden week 19

Its a great pleasure to have had the luxury to follow this grow.
Your first CBD strain and the great results.
Im happy that one more in this community discovered the wonderful and versatile medicine that is high in cbd.
I like your description of your grow and how it effects you and all the good things you feel when using it.
And now that your is initiated into this lovely world, I just hope you will continue to try more cbd varieties.
And i´ll be flowing your grows and journey.
And too your question if every cbd strain have this potential ill would say both yes and no.
I have discovered tha if you are sad, depressed or just is a little of one day the cbd will boost you up.
If you are stressed it will calm you down just a little bit.
If you have pain it will ease it.
If you need sleep she will help you and if you are tired but dont want too fall asleep she will give you energy.
And i can go on and on with this type of experience of this lovely thing called cbd from cannabis.
You will experience that if you use this strain for a week and about 3 times a day.
You will have different help from it or benefits that differs from situation to situation.
Congratulation too a great harvest and ill will follow your next cbd grow.
And i think this diaries will have a spot in the top 10 diaries of the mount.

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@Magnetous, Thats a very wise and mature decision from your part and i love it :)
Im looking forward too se your grow here in GD.


@TOTEM, @CBD_Sweden, Ok ok I'll give a try to a high cbd strain guys, you both convinced me! :wink:



Endriu week 19

Great bro. You deserve every single kind words they say :kissing_heart: growing is about passion and love (and science, but this will come too) and you are a Grower. :the_horns: Mo appiza na canna


@Endriu, Growing together, sharing our plants photos every day, but even talk about fun facts, problems, do some brainstorming together, and smile and laugh about everything. That's the main engine that makes us do whatever we're doing now. It's a passion that absorbs our energies and transforms them into happiness <3


@Endriu, "The heart of human excellence often begins to beat when you discover a pursuit that absorbs you, frees you, challenges you, or gives you a sense of meaning, joy, or passion." - Terry Orlick

B4RNS week 19

Congrats :+1:


@B4RNS, Thank you very much mate!

somnabull week 19

Congratulations great harvest and thanks for so good report!Enjoy bro!


@somnabull, Thank you so much bro!! Can’t wait to see yours!

Magnetous_tryko week 19

Dude I felt high just reading your smoke report!!!! Amazing job bro!!:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


@Magnetous, Many many thanks bro!!! I really hope you grow her at least once in the future :smiley: these strains are the reason why we love weed so much! Big up bro!!! :heart_eyes::facepunch:

biggreens420 week 19

U got me wanting to try this reading the report lol I don't know how I missed all these diaries nice work dude


@biggreens420, Haha this strain is very good, I smoke it when I’m tired and need a total relax session on the sofa. It’s a peaceful strain! Thank you buddy, those words are always true and strong motivators! :facepunch::raised_hands:

Leofongrow week 19

Amazing results! Your reports is like a knowledge treasures, bro!
Good luck!