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Severely Abused Auto NL

2 years ago
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Commented by Iamthejazz123 Iamthejazz123
2 years ago

I've heard a lot of back-and-forth about whether or not you can up-pot autos, so I thought I'd give it a shot myself and see how it goes; I want to see if it results in any kind of difference in root development. I started this one in a small fabric seedling bag (they're about $1 for 100 of them on Amazon), the soil is FF Bush Doctor Coco Loco soil mix.
I put it in the same tent as my other 3 autos and it was a little too far from the light so it stretched on the first day, I'll bury it up to the neck when it comes time to up-pot.
I plan to up-pot just before the tap root hits the bottom of the bag so I can transplant with as much root mass as possible but without having to expose the tap root to any trauma.

Grow Questions
Iamthejazz123 week 8 started grow question 2 years ago
Droopy but still green and healthy?
This thing has gotten really droopy over the past few days. It seems to perk up toward the afternoon, but gets droopy again hours before lights out. I've grown maybe 10 of this strain, only 1 other did this. I never figured it out but I got my biggest yield ever from it...
Plant. Wilting
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Ledbelieve answered grow question 2 years ago
Could be to much light as well if it gets all it needs can shut down early.
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