FoxFarm Big Bloom Liquid Plant Food is mix of  the best 100% organic fertilizers specially produced for strong, extra large flowers. Contains high concentrations of worm castings and bat guano. A fast acting source of nutrients for plants, soil and hydroponic systems.

Big Bloom
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Purple Ghost Candy
24 weeks
Purple Ghost Candyresimax
Seedsman - Purple Ghost Candy
7 months ago · 134 comments
Tye Dye Skye
16 weeks
Tye Dye SkyeTommy716
a year ago · 19 comments
Purple Punch Autos
13 weeks
Purple Punch AutosgreenAF
ILGM - Purple Punch
a year ago · 68 comments
Critical Purple Kush Seedsman 12/31/21
15 weeks
Critical Purple Kush Seedsman 12/31/21Loserofthemonth
Seedsman - Critical Purple Kush
2 years ago · 39 comments
MarsHydro & Bruce Banger
21 weeks
MarsHydro & Bruce BangerKitties_and_Colas
Seedsman - Bruce Banger
2 years ago · 136 comments
Doctor Seedsman
12 weeks
Doctor Seedsman datrobspeoria
Seedsman - Doctor Seedsman CBD 30:1
2 years ago · 26 comments
First Grow
14 weeks
First Grow Jensocide
ILGM - White Widow Autoflower
2 years ago · 17 comments
Lemon Shining
19 weeks
Lemon Shining Danger90946
Royal Queen Seeds - Lemon Shining Silver Haze
2 years ago · 38 comments
Pink Kush 1st Grow Ever
17 weeks
Pink Kush 1st Grow Everhappykat
Growers Choice Seeds - Pink Kush
2 years ago · 46 comments

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Gorilla Cookies Auto
9 weeks
Gorilla Cookies AutoSkunk101
Fast Buds - Gorilla Cookies Auto
3 hours ago · 3 comments
Mix of FastBuds FF
7 weeks
Mix of FastBuds FFHodo420
+3 strains
12 hours ago
MSNL Durban Poison
4 weeks
MSNL Durban PoisonRavenSky1
MSNL - Durban Poison
4 days ago · 2 comments
First tent grow
3 weeks
First tent grow Skeeter223
Barney's Farm - White Widow XXL
4 days ago
Quarter Pounder Autoflower
1 weeks
Quarter Pounder Autoflower marc24
Expert Seeds - Quarter Pounder Auto
14 days ago
Critical purple auto
14 weeks
Critical purple auto Pnutgf
Growers Choice Seeds - Critical Purple Autoflowering
15 days ago · 1 comment
Strawberry Gorilla Auto Outdoor v1
3 weeks
Strawberry Gorilla Auto Outdoor v1jackiedaytona
Fast Buds - Strawberry Gorilla Auto
5 days ago · 3 comments
Gorilla Cookies Auto Outdoor v1
3 weeks
Gorilla Cookies Auto Outdoor v1jackiedaytona
Fast Buds - Gorilla Cookies Auto
5 days ago
Moby Dick Auto- Fast Buds
2 weeks
Moby Dick Auto- Fast BudsHazyhotnhumid
Fast Buds - Moby Dick Auto
10 days ago · 1 comment

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I have nothing to compare it too when growing cannabis. It seemed to work fine but I feel it's bit too over complicated. I am trying a completely new method now but I won't rule out any method until I have a few grows of different methods under my belt.
4 months ago
awesome nutrientd
4 months ago
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