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Jack Herer

1 month ago
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weeks 3,5
Seedsman - Jack Herrer
Jack Herrer

Growing it




The buds on this girl are pretty immense, and she is so sticky at the moment I needed 3 pairs of gloves to finish off the plucking of fan leaves and washing, which was really necessary with all this ash and junk falling outa the air at the moment. I'm not sure we've actually seen the sun for about a week, and the air quality is labeled as "unhealthy". Bud damage was sustained at a number of locations coming out of our second heat wave of the summer, 3 or 4 days pushing 100 degrees, which is not normal.

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September 14 >> Harvest morning. This girl wins the sticky award for the girls on the patio this summer. I could only clean and wash about 6-8 pieces before I had to change gloves because of too much resin. WAY stickier than anything else so far... and there's only one girl left in that competition. Gorilla Glue is the stragler.

A few bud tops were damaged at the end coming out of our historic heat waves here in California, and she really needed that wash after all the gunk that has fallen outa the sky, but she'll have a pretty nice yield nonetheless.

I'll be back in a bit to update weights and taste things.


September 28 >> I had the luxury of waiting until a convenient time to trim Jack because she was hanging in my front bedroom and not outdoors in the heat. Just the same, two weeks is usually longer than I wait before trimming, but this worked perfect for the TrimBag. She was "crispy". She still came in with more buds than trim in the final analysis. 261 grams of buds and 162 grams of trim. Most of the trimming could be accomplished by just rubbing the buds lightly with my fingers to knock off what the Trimbag missed. That's the way I like it. I was done in less than 2 hours for the whole plant.

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HaulinOats week 18

Damn.... those colas got BIG!
I'm a firm believer in washing buds after having just tried it for the first time.

Made a HUGE difference.


@HaulinOats, hehe.., that was at least 4 cents worth... and well said. I'm not surprised large scale growers don't wash their buds... but in some cases it may be related to how much testing is done on the buds before they can be sold in whatever market they are intended for.

We are the connoisseurs who grow stuff in our backyard - like grapes into wine - just better... because it's on a small enough scale to pay attention to details about how much crap falls on each individual plant out of the sky. Details...details... hehe... where's the love in it? :sunglasses:

Damned appreciative that the local air quality has returned to normal after a week in the "unhealthy" range.

EDIT >> Something I forgot to add that I wanted to mention... When I washed Jack it was the first time I cleaned out bucket #1 half way thru and refilled it. My first stage is just plain water with a little baking soda thrown in (because the normal pH of my tap water is over 9.0)... but there was WAY more junk coming off in that first pass than the 2nd stage (lemon juice and Hydrogen peroxide). My rinse bin had about a dozen small caterpillar victims but not much else.


@dalemac, totally. My wash bins have been DISGUSTING. I also have a redwood above my garden, so I feel your pain on that front, as well!

On a related note, i keep seeing pro (and home) growers here in north bay up to the triangle using leaf blowers on their plants... but not taking any steps to wash.
I've been using a blower on mine for the past month, and I can SOUNDLY say that it isn't doing shit for cleaning of trichs.

Funny thing is, every home grower i tell/show about washing buds is resistant to the idea.
The standard response has been "i don't see the pros doing it..."

If I had 500 outdoor plants, I might be resistant due to extra labor involved (though it doesn't take that much at all)... but you sure as hell won't see me smoking commercial outdoor anymore not that I've seen how much crap comes off of them.

I've point-blank ASKED a few growers (who are posting images/videos of their crops covered in ash) if they plan on washing their buds.
They don't even bother to respond. I'm not going to say they are being negligent... but it might be edging on it.

If this were ConAgra or Monsanto not washing produce in times like this, you can be sure that those same people would be kicking and screaming.

My 2 cents.
Off my soapbox now.


@HaulinOats, Yeah I'm a believer with a few years practice. Kinda scary how much stuff falls on your outdoor plants after a few months - but with these adverse conditions it gets ugly. Lots of visible ash currently. Can't shake it all off because that resin stuff gets a little sticky... just doing it's thang. They look a lot better after a wash but in my case I have a tree shedding pollen directly above my work area for cannabis and you'd be amazed how much pollen she throws off in 3 hours.

Ferenc week 18

That's brilliant job. Your lady tree is simply beautiful :heart_eyes: @dalemac

Crawlndog week 18

Congrats! Looks tasty!!!:grinning:

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Isn't too early to cut them ?