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First Grow Ever - GGAuto

4 months ago
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Commented by GooglieBear GooglieBear
6 months ago

Recovered from light damage this week

Transplanted to final 4 gallon pot. Plant 2 root-ball fell a part - that was a fun surprise

no transplant shock

Grow Questions
GooglieBear week 4 started grow question 6 months ago
Yellow spotting with some holes
New colas that are breaking through to the canopy have some yellow spotting on the leaves and some of the spots have holes. What is this?
-Ph on run off is good.
-Plant got some nute burn 4 days ago but I reduced the feed.
-This is 4 days after LST and lights brought closer
Leaves. Color - Yellow
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The8thChevron answered grow question 6 months ago
The tips look like nitrogen toxicity, which you already corrected apparently. If it stops spreading, you're good. Those small yellow spots could be just about a million things, but I would try to solve that one unless it starts spreading. Keep it up!
GooglieBear week 4 started grow question 6 months ago
Broken/damaged stem at node
Is this a good enough job to repair a partial broken stem w/ cotton twine?
Stem broke at the base of the node. Still firmly attached/stands on its own before being tied. Could even move the whole plant when manipulated. The damage has to be 24 hours old.
Any advice appreciated
Other. General questions
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OimRausch answered grow question 6 months ago
Hey mate,
I'm sure she'll take it like a champ. Happened to me many times, just keep the node tight up and you'll see in a week to 10 days it should be fully healed.
Good luck and happy trails for the rest of the way :crossed_fingers:
GooglieBear week 8 started grow question 5 months ago
High RH
The RH where i live is 70%-99%. RH in home is 58%(+/-3%) and I cannot get the tent below 55% with a dehumidifier.
For the flowering stage (which I am in now) how detrimental will it be if I cant get RH lower?
Any advice/experience to help avoid bud rot will be greatly appreciated
Other. General questions
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Justa_Retard answered grow question 5 months ago
Then you're probably good..

It would be best if you could humidity down to 40 - 45% tops, but with good airflow 55% isn't the worst.
GooglieBear week 11 started grow question 5 months ago
Possible mold issue
I've had a drastic change in smell... overnight. Smell went from very pungent to an earthy almost musty smell. Could this be a precursor to bud rot? Or is this sometimes normal? Humidity avg 50-55% during day and no higher than 65% at night with constant ventilation/circulation
Other. Mold
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NobodysBuds answered grow question 5 months ago
First, a change of smell alone may not be mold, but you'll want to look them over for symptoms... check out google images for some examples and go to work. you've probably smelled a moldy room before... if it has hints of that, it's not a great sign but i'd still observe for 100% verfication before doing anything crazy..

Those aren't dangerous levels for microbial growth. The night time humidity is a bit inviting but borderline. You may be colonized and need a deep clean of the area and the room, especially if you have a recorring problem. If you do find some rot, definitely decontaminate the area thoroughly before next grow. Try cutting out any rot and carefully removing, like you would with a pollen sac -- with concern about spread.
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