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The plant got a little too tall for the Aerogarden light so I had to remove the light and use some free standing lights
8 months ago
Works great as a DWC system but the stock light is to heavy in blue for when you switch to flower. That's why I ended up adding a second light for the flower stage.
9 months ago
The Areogarden is an easy to use, adaptable plant growing system. It has holes in the deck for an air hose which I used to route an air stone into the reservoir. I love it. With only the 50W LED panel and a 24" maximum clearance, you would be better served using this to produce one non-auto plant at a time. I was able to grow a Cinderella 99 which turned out awesome, but I did require 2 extra veg weeks to train the plant and get the plant mass I wanted before flowering. This would be an awesome unit to have if you want to start plants indoors and move them outdoors within about 2 weeks or you have a variety that can be trained and you can take the time to trim it back as needed. My Canuk Cheese Auto went fine but the 24" clearance was an issue and due to the nature of auto-flowering varieties, I don't think the LEDs were strong enough to realize the plant's full potential.
11 months ago
Used it in early veg, worked well, grew out of it
12 months ago
So for germinating and Veg this system worked great. I want to run it a few more times before I make a final opinion on flower. Also with the tank being only 1G of water it heats up fast so you need to use a water chiller or ice to keep it cold.
1 year ago