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Meh, there’s better lights for the price.
2 weeks ago
Its nice not really the best but it gets the job done there are far better lights out there
2 months ago
Only got this cuz it was meanwell driver 100w for 45 bucks.. low diode count tho so it’s not comparable to sf1000
3 months ago
Light is good for vegging.
4 months ago
Really good light for a good price : 1:: 1:
8 months ago
My veggies love this light. Not great for flower
9 months ago
I like the LED's however, I'm thinking the HPS and MH would give me larger yields.:neutral_face:
1 year ago
I utilize both styles of lighting, the whiter "daylight " and then the reflector with the full spectrum colors. I am still a bit unsure of how well this difference in light affects each plant. I rotate and shuffle the girls about 2 times a month
1 year ago
Served it's purpose. Great budget option at the time it was purchased.
1 year ago
No bad things to say about this light other than the 600w equivelance and the fact that it's a blurple, but it outlasted the more expensive TMLAPY light.
1 year ago
I use the newer model than what is shown here. Have no complaints except the no daisy chain function on the dimmable lights
1 year ago