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Only having the Mars TS1000 (Not comparable) as a reference, I can only speak of my satisfaction. So far so good. It is a hot light. It easily can add 10 degrees to the tent. Not an issue with correct ventilation in tent and surrounding area. This is more light than any one person would ever need to keep themselves, family and friends very happy. My plants have like this light a lot!
Great light. Got a bit hot I noticed. I wish I had done a smaller tent like a 3x3 and used the HLG 150 instead.
Can not complain this light is great. Gives me everything I need and want. Love the dimmer knob.
Best light I’ve ever used, it speaks for itself
good light, but starting to consider a more spread/efficient lighting like the fluence. i find the edges out of the 3x3 are larfy
Excellent. Wish it was stronger.
Exceptional Brand, lights do exactly what they supposed to :100::100: