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Great customer support, takes a little diy. These lights are bright and compact and work really well in groups of 2-4
We love our "Elite 360" fixture! It contains two of the QB96 Elite V2 boards and those things are fantastic! We wish the "Elite 360" fixture had a manual knob adjustment in addition to the bluetooth controller. We love that we can use these from early veg through to late flower.
These are awesome lights, highly recommended.
I used the HLG 100 for most of the cycle, before I got the QB96s in and setup. The QB96 definitely took flowering to the next level. I will continue to use the HLG 100 in my 2x2 as a veg light, then will move them into my 4x4 with the QB96s when they get to flowering.
Hlg 225 Elite V2 preformed flawless and found my self having to turn in back down a few times. Highly recommend quantum board!
Awesome company amazing products if I had 5 thumbs that's how many if have up!!