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Mars ECO 120

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Eco 120 is a really great light, i will keep for a backup/veg room light. SP3000 is the bollox, if you need a new light in this footprint you can not get better.
Eco 120 is actually pretty good. I like the fact it does not have enough light photons to really risk the plant as long as the height is correct. I will keep as a back up possible veg lamp. The SP 3000 is the best light in this footprint you can buy ATM. I was going to say at its price point but I think it punches way above its price tag. Simply amazing.
Love this lights thinking to get one of the fc series next year
Not a bad light to grow with. The light I use was ment for a 4x4 grow tent on full power so I dimmed it down a bit so the grow space doesn't get too warm.
Good light it will grow you some nice buds
For the price it is a very good light. I want a white light next as i found the purple to be a bit T-eye-ring. Heat is a bit much also with an average increase of 5-6c in my tent between on-off.
Mars lights are very good very quiet and next to no heat big thumbs upo
Switched it out for the HPS, plants were staying super short with this light though so it must have been adequate.
I love this light perfect for a little grow I need the mars ts 2000 I think to up my game :+1::+1:
I like this light will grow some nice buds but I fill I’m I need of one of the ts 2000 :+1:
Very good light it will grow so nice buds I fill I need stronger for even better yields :+1:
Love the light I need a ts 2000 though :+1:
Love this light I am looking to upgrade to the ts 2000 soon I like the look of the white light leds that have big thumbs up
I like the mars light I have just wish I got a bigger one but still grows me some nice buds