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600W LED600W LED600W LED
Power, Watts100W
Size15.7*6.7*2.3" inch
Coverage1.5*1.5-2*2 ft
Release Year: Previously Released

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Even tho we don't have a full spectrum this light is very good and powerful enough, will say for one plant is pretty good when you have 2 and not tent that's a problem maybe with a tent and 2 plants will do for some buds but if you a heavy smoker like me than you will try to find best set of lights to get the best of your plants always but still is worth the price I think is cheaper and better now the new version tho not bad but will stay mars hydro, even tho this one was my starter and helped me understand lots of things thanks as well PHLIZON
Got a new light after veg. Very loud.

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