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Even tho we don't have a full spectrum this light is very good and powerful enough, will say for one plant is pretty good when you have 2 and not tent that's a problem maybe with a tent and 2 plants will do for some buds but if you a heavy smoker like me than you will try to find best set of lights to get the best of your plants always but still is worth the price I think is cheaper and better now the new version tho not bad but will stay mars hydro, even tho this one was my starter and helped me understand lots of things thanks as well PHLIZON
Got a new light after veg. Very loud.
Ja für Anfänger mehr als gut. Kostengünstig und mit Umschalter und mit Energieeffizienz. Würde ich wieder kaufen.
Not full spectrum and thats why im mad at them but OK so far
Yeah it's good but not full spectrum so I hope you growers get my advise go get the Mars hydro or either get newest version of phlizon but for real for the price go to Mars hydro or vita spectra or spider farm anyways it's a good grow light but can't get them huge because of the lack of spectrum hopefully we get to win someday and upgrade our
From my point of view a very good lamp as an entry level led.
Is good it works and it will improve your grow but to be honest it is not a full SPECTRUM light and once I found out in very dissapointed because I could have invested 10$ buck more to get a mars hydro but I was not an expert and yes now I know learned the hard way but hopefully someday I will add a mars hydro next to this girl and then we will see monstrous weed brothers so if you can get mars hydro get it instead of this one dude dont fall for it it is good it works but it is not just what we need for our ladies when you are looking Quantity and quality
Ok what can i ssay bout my lights....Mmmm I think they rock and i think they really are one of the best investments you can get. I will definitely get another one when God allows me but for right now, i think is a great LED full spectrum that reaches very well my plants
These lights are useful for vegging, especially autos but beyond that I can’t really speak highly of them. They’ll definitely work for for a full grow cycle if necessary but don’t count anything spectacular yield wise.
They're really good lights and they cover plenty space when use right, they don't get too hot and they have nice fan coolers plus extra outlet for connecting other stuff like extra lights or fan