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CannaChris started grow question 3 years ago
Any advice on what’s the best growing technique to optimize bud production?
I’ve seen so many techniques but they seem to be mostly for indoor, or to have a bushy plant that doesn’t grow in height. But I don’t mind the height, so which technique you guys think is best? Thanks
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Buds. Not fattening
Wy_growz answered grow question 3 years ago
Hi there :wave::skin-tone-5:

Are you going to be growing outdoors all the way through? If so wait till the plant reaches 4th node then top the plant, wait for the new shoots tie them down then keep topping to make the plant grow outwards rather than upwards, or if height will be a issue look up main lining who’s involves keeping the plant low and topping until flower good luck bro :crossed_fingers::skin-tone-5::v::skin-tone-5: