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Dandamans started grow question 3 years ago
Hello, one of my seedlings (In pictures) is looking yellow compared to other plants. Its leaves are also facing up compared to others face down. Was possibility overwatering(New grower) but i have seemed to now corrected that. Is this problem something I should be concerned with?
Week 1
Leaves. Color - Yellow
OutForReal answered grow question 3 years ago
Hello ! The 1st overwatering sign is the droopy leaves and from what I can see your leaves aren't droopy or are no more droopy ( if it was the case ) what makes me think that your overwatering issue is behind you now. Concerning the "praying leaves" this is a sign of toom much heat or a too low humidity level or both. From what I can see you temperatures seems to be perfect but How far is the light from the top ? is the temp the same at the top of the plant ? it's common to have an higher temps around the light than in the box . Concerning your humidity you should be around 80% (70% mini but 80% is better ) and I can read 43% which is way too low so you should try to grab a humidifier to get the RH higher. I think that the praying leaves + the yellow colour and tips burn ( or starting to ) is due to the low humidity + the fact that she need to recover from the over watering which makes the nutrients absorbtion harder than usual. I hope it will help you
Removed answered grow question 3 years ago
Watering in party cups is easy, just give them a cup of water (aprox 200 cc), that should saturate the soil and last you for 4 to 6 days if everything is right, when the cup feels light again, you repeat the process. If the seedlings are stretching, then the light is too far. I can't see any yellowing in the pictures, just be sure to let the media dry up before watering again and it will be fine.