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stevieb21 started grow question 3 years ago
Anyone experienced leaf burn from a high intensity LED? I think that's what has happened to a few of the plants and I hope I caught it in time but the yellowing leaves don't seem to be getting any greener. They are starting to get a few random rust/dark spots on affected leaves
Week 8
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Stick answered grow question 3 years ago
Hi @stevieb21! Yes this is a common issue, especially with such powerful lamps. Affected leaves won't recover and the yellowing will get worst, so you can tuck the leaves out once 40-50% of their surface is burnt. However, I have doubts regarding your symptoms, light burns usually don't look like this, and are are often accompanied with curling upward leaves, or other symptoms on the buds (bleaching, foxtailing..). My bet is that you overfed your babies and probably also overwatered the containers. Your medium looks really flooded with water on the video and your EC is extremely high. This leads me to think that your coco has become too "hot", resulting in nutrients lockout. This would explain the brown spots, the purple stems, and the yellowing. The rootzone is unable to manage Phosphorous and Potassium intakes. In this scenario I would give it a good flush with plain pH'd water before going back to a reasonable feeding schedule. Time is essence here and the quicker you'll react the best chances you'll have to save your crop's quality & quantity. Hope this will help, keep us up-to-date and happy growing :facepunch:
souljasam answered grow question 3 years ago
Yeah, I had my led light a bit too close before and got a little light burn in veg. The color never came back to those leaves but the plant was fine because I Caught it quickly. I don't really see anything that stands out as light burn to me though. Usually, leaves will angle up heavily or you'll get tacoing as the leaves try to avoid the light. All I really see is yellowing on the top growth. I know you have your ph listed at 6.1 so that should be okay but it is a bit on the high end. You wanna be shooting for 5.8 ideally in a soilless medium. I would check your runoff ph as well as ppm/ec to make sure the coco isn't full of salts that are screwing up your plants nutrient uptake. What makes me think nutrient lockout is the fact that you seem to have a couple of different deficiencies. Looking good regardless though.
Sawydawg answered grow question 3 years ago
Yea I had extensive heat damage from a platinum P300 LED it got so bad that I decided to just cut out the infected buds as they will have less thc and a lot less smell too. If u can’t raise your lights or lower your plants some how then worst comes to worst I’d suggest cutting out the infected buds to let the others that are not too close to the lamp to fully develop and produce the thc and smell you’re hoping for!