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Greenleaf Nutrients

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Stick Master
Growing it
Some of the best flowers I've been growing so far. Meringue produces massive dense flowers full of resin, with a complex terpenes profile, made of tropical fruit and mostly sugar, sugar, and sugar again. Not a diabetic strain for sure :joy: The effects are really good as well: it starts with a smooth relaxing feeling, then it turns into a creative boost, making you proactive on various activities such as making music, crafting some DIY stuff, or just chill out with good friends!

She hasn't been the easiest plant to work on, very atypical growth. She literally grew like a clone, asymmetric nodes almost from the start, so I was not able to mainline her as much as the other strains in the tent. Her fan leaves have crazy elongated stems, creating massive areas of shadow under the canopy, defoliation was mandatory to get the most of the bottom buds. In the end, all these efforts worth it, I was gifted with 128 grams of pure candies, and I also was able to make some fire Ice'o'lator with the leaves from the trim. If you're ready for an atypical plant that will reward you with sugary buds (in all ways), go ahead, Meringue might become your new favorite strain!
2 weeks ago
Stick Master
Fat Banana
Growing it
What a nice journey! That plant was very easy to work with, she enjoyed being mainlined and had some good tolerance to both LST & HST.

She gave me 94g of dry buds, which is a little less than what I was expecting, but considering she had only 4 main stems, that’s a reasonable score.
Buds are awesome, some top colas are gigantic and all of the buds even the lowest ones, are solid as a rock. Perfect bud structure and bud density.

Effects are heavy, I have a big THC tolerance, but that strain surprised me with a powerful cerebral buzz. I’m gonna send a sample to the lab, I think I’m close to the 25% of THC announced by the breeder, which is almost too strong for me. At first toke, it will hit you in the chest, eyes become immediately sticky and after a few minutes the high is crazy. Not a wake-and-bake strain, for sure! Mixed with coffee in the early morning, heartbeat can accelerate too much. I would say it’s the perfect strain to watch a movie or enjoy some couch activities, but don’t plan moving your body after a few hits of FatBanana :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Terpenes are tropical, you can feel the kush side as well as some exotic fruits and some slight banana notes at exhale, a delicious pleasure for your puck.

Its flowering time is a good argument to choose FatBanana, 7 weeks for top shelf flowers, I found it impressive and I really like when the announced flowering time does match reality. All of my RQS grows have shown that RQS are very good at strain stability and accurate timelines. The only downside I can note is that she started to create a few bananas (I know, quite ironic) in her last week of flowering, whereas the other strain in the room had no issue at all. I think it can't be a stress because she had the perfect environment but I'm not going to blame the genetics for this, I like to think that nature always finds a way to reproduce. I've spotted the pollen sacs and removed these before they open anyway, no seeds were found in the buds.

If you're ready for a strong strain that will hit you hard, with about 25% of THC, go ahead, FatBanana is a reliable candidate for your growroom!
3 months ago
Stick Master
Girl Scout Cookies
Growing it
That's what I like with autoflowers: :point_right: fast buds :point_left: ... the brand's name comes for a reason! :sunglasses:

Both plants were quite similar, so it looks like the strain is stable. The speed of growth is a serious argument for choosing Girl Scout Cookies, but it's not the only reason why you would love her... The buds are amazing, covered with trichomes, and the terpenes are really unique. That mint aftertaste is rare in hybrids, I'm glad both of my plants had this crazy terpenes profile, a mix between fruity + herbal + earthy tastes. Resin production is so much above average, I was able to make some dank bubble hash with only a few grams of sugar leaves

They were quite easy to grow, I was not there every day for them but still they managed to grow on their own and produce top shelf buds!
I enjoy GSC during the evening and before going to the bed, the indica genes are definitely dominating. After a short cerebral buzz she will hit you hard and glue you to your chair, enjoying some relaxing activity. I would recommend that strain for novice growers, or weed gourmets looking for uncommon terpenes and smooth unique taste.
5 months ago

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