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hellomynameis started grow question 3 years ago
1. Should I cut all the curled and brown leaves off?

2. Bud grow seems to be very slow especially on the Hindu Kush. Breeder says 45-50 days in total for both strains but I'm at day 74 and it looks like there are some weeks to go. What could cause that?
Week 11
Buds. Not fattening
DissNoof answered grow question 3 years ago
Hey there, i would cut any leaf that's more than 70% damaged, but i wouldnt cut all the leaves just so you can see if the problem is spreading or not. First i just want to say, dont worry so much about the breeder timeframe, many times, it's just not true, most of the time you need a few weeks more, and anyway you dont know what conditions the plant should be in to get that kind of schedule. So it's not your fault and you shouldnt worry ! Second i see some problems there, i see so N deficiency - this you can recognise from the yellowing and dying of the leaves lower on the plant. Second I see the start of a magnesium deficiency, this you can see from the yellowing of other leaves starting from between the veins and the sides of the leaves. Easy to fix : cut out the kelp and double the flower power and the cal mag. To answer your final question about the growth rate : growth rate is controlled by the plant's metabolism which is regulated by the VPD (vapor pressure deficit) this is a formula about the humidity and the temperature. So i see you have high temperature and humidity, and this basically makes the plant grow a bit slower than normal, so that's why you have some problems. Also your pH... it's just a little bit high, should be 6 - 6.5 (if you cut the kelp then it will help lower the pH) ... all these things add up over time... Anyway, hope this helps ! :rocket:
The_Projexx answered grow question 3 years ago
You can cut the leaves off but if theres lots of them remove the most damaged ones first wait a few days to see how the plant reacts then repeat the process if needed . By reading the stats in your diary I can see your not feeding them enough bloom solution either , 0.5 ML/L at this stage is not enough for your plants I would boost that to 1.5 ML/L as well as lower the Kelp to 0.5 ml/l and boost the CalMg to 1 ml/l this will help get rid of the yellowing your seeing do to CalMag problems as well as give your plant the proper PK it needs to keep growing and making bigger denser flowers . As for the flowering times on strains this always very's for example they will say 40-50 days but thats in the conditions they are growing the plant in were everything is perfect 24/7 for most cases you would add 1-2 weeks some strains even three weeks , this will all come down to climate control and how well you've maintained the plants , generally speaking tho its always safe to add 1-2 weeks . You can also check your trichome development with a portable microscope or a really good magnifying glass . When you see your plants trichomes have start to become mostly milky and amber then you know its close to the time if there are still a high % of clear ones you may wanna wait a little bit longer . Essentially the way it works out is the more amber trichomes you have the more of a "couch lock" high you will recieve the more milky the trichomes are it will give you the "body buzz" high and harvesting when the trichomes are clear is basically pointless you will still get high but it will take you lots and lots to get there haha . Here are some links to a portable microscope and magnifying glass . Portable microscope : Magnifying glass :

. Both of these items will help you see your trichomes and help you determine when you want to harvest . I hope this information helps shed some light into your grow . -Happy Growing!