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LadyGreen started grow question 3 years ago
Plant was critically under watered in mid bloom, lower leaves crisp and even upper leaves beyond wilted to limp and not recovering.

So now I have no leaves, should I cut down early? Anything I can do to salvage? The bud is about 2 weeks early can I make butter or smt?
2nd Grow in DIY perpetual cupboard
10 weeks
2nd Grow in DIY perpetual cupboard LadyGreen
bag seed indica
10 comments · 3 years ago
Week 10
Other. Harvest - Smoking
Fun_Growin answered grow question 3 years ago
There is no saving this, chopp it and get what you can..
I have a question about your watering??
How often are you doing so?
How big is your container?
What is it filled with?
You would have to let this plant dry WAY OUT For a couple days to do this damage to it....
I think you possibly got “elephant foot” not so much a dryness issuse...?
TheIceCreamParlour answered grow question 3 years ago
Man that's terrible bad luck I feel for you. You need to cut them down asap before the buds start to die. Like you said make edibles or rosin with that. Mabey some of the top buds will be smokable but harsh due to no flush. Better luck on your next one dude!