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Removed started grow question 3 years ago
Any advice if you're experienced would be appreciated. In veg they maybe lacked some N/minerals and currently I think more zinc, phosphor (especially) and potassium, some trace minerals. They've had a LOT of silica (DE, basalt, dense clay base), light and heat has been tricky.
African Bagseeds First Grow
24 weeks
African Bagseeds First Grow Ssomeguy
Sativa dominant hybrids
89 comments · 3 years ago
Week 24
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Mrs_Larimar answered grow question 3 years ago
hi do you know AZOSPIRLLIUM brasiliensis<=?. Its a bacteria, that binds the Nitrogen from the Air and the surroundings, and makes it avialable for the plant. You save 70-90 percent of Nitrogen that you ususally add. In my grows i had to give NO nutrients during vegetation at all. Its very common in asia. ( and very cheap there too)there is no overdosing or harming the Plant, Girls look nice and green and grow good.Theweedman got some great reciepes in mixing soil and supplemments( organic) , I mix my soil, and give them fluid mixture of benefical minerals like spirulina, seaweed, calcium, magnesium, sislicea and molasses ( and aloe).and for sure the Heat takes its tribute
Removed answered grow question 3 years ago
Rhizobium is another bacteria that works with Lucerne (Alfalfa) to fix nitrogen from the atmosphere... (@Ssomeguy we talked about this ) .. so I googled some more about and found that usual wormcastings host a variety of bacteria to to the job. So !! vermicompost activate aerated tea makes so much sense - much more than one would imagine.