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DailyBread started grow question 3 years ago
My plants never got that tall. One is @ week 5, an one is @ week 6 I am pretty sure. I am using maxibloom, an mamouth p only since the beginning. I i get a little burn last week trying topush them to 900 ppm so I backed off. Any help? I am very new to this.
1 foot tall?
2 weeks
1 foot tall? DailyBread
22 comments · 3 years ago
Week 7
Other. Bugs
Budzablazin answered grow question 3 years ago
What is your light source. Looks like a lot of red spectrum to me. The lack of full spectrum could keep them from getting a little stretch going during veg.
Why push it to 900ppm? Are you supplementing co2? If you increase the c02 in the room and have enough light power the plants will be able to take more nutrients up. The bud development looks great to me.