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Jerma_grow started grow question 2 weeks ago
I have this plant not growing anymore. I already had this before but have no idea what to do. What could it be due to
Plant. Too short
GrowCN answered grow question 2 weeks ago
How long has it been "not growing"?

They look pretty healthy so I assume they are growing. Maybe not to your schedule but they are growing. Often when sprouts emerge they seem to stall for a week. I always assume they are building a root structure for the real growth.
Uk420Show answered grow question 2 weeks ago
Hey could be many reasons just a bad pheno for instance. a slow growing plant. Nothing to be fearful of most of the ones that are slower to start turn out to be the best. Give her a little bit of your growing skill and plent of love and she will do you proud :) Could also be her reaction to the nutrients in the soil most plants even if they are the same strain will show different traits this also means they all react differently to feed or nutrients. :) Overall they are looking healthy I'm sure she will catch up :)