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Floflo started grow question 3 years ago
I am a first time grower this is my first plant its a purple and a jack herrer i dont know if its ready for harvest and why my plants did jot produce more yield :unamused:
Thank you for your precious time :blush:
Purple, Jack
1 week
Purple, Jack Floflo
AK 47
1 comment · 3 years ago
Week 6
Buds. Not fattening
Philindicus answered grow question 3 years ago
You have some nice colors coming out on your buds. Your getting closer to harvest. You have to look at your first grow as a practice run. As you see what other growers are doing and using you can apply these things to your grows. It's a learning process everyone goes through. Seeing that your near harvest time you'll be starting your next grow soon. Only this time give us as much info about your pots,soil, nutrients, temperatures, humidity etc. while your growing. As far as determining if your buds are ready for harvest the first sign is the white pistils(hairs) on your buds will start to dry and turn brown/orange and curl. Next you will need a 40x jewelers loupe if you can get one with the LED light they are better you can get them off amazon. Don't waste your money on the little microscopes they're junk. Then you will be looking at the frosty trichomes to see what color they are. They start off clear almost like a clear plastic bottle. Next some will change to half cloudy. Then milky white. Lastly some will turn an amber color. You will see all of the colors from clear to amber on different parts of the buds. Half cloudy to milky with some clear will give you a head type high. Some clear,Half cloudy,mostly milky, with about 15% amber will give you a nice body high. It depends on what you like. Just need to be careful not to harvest too early or late. Your definately going to have some nice buds. Don't be fooled sometimes the smaller buds are more potent than the big ones. Feel free to message me anytime. Good luck I'll follow your grow till harvest.